Ask @raisingprinces:

Is it weird if a guy has a fantasy of being in a relationship where the gender roles are reversed? Like the girl is the stronger and bigger one, she protects him, he sits on her lap, she piggybacks/carries him,and stuff like that? What's your opinion on this would you be in a relationship like that?

It sounds weird to me, but that's just me. I wouldn't be in a relationship like that.

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Would you ever talk to your ex again after a month

I talked to one of my exes often because we co-parent a 9 year old child together, but as for my other two exes I do not speak to and it has been a very, very long time. One ex it's been over a year and the other it's been nearly a year. I have no desire to talk to an ex again other than the one I share a child with.

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