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What is happening with Geargod?

It got out of hand because of 1 major flaw in the game I think. The game should have been resource based instead of stats focused. This made me realize why Eve isn't stat but resource based, there's just no insentive to grind for level ups in an open world because you rarely get to show off your stats to anyone anyway.
I enjoyed the game myself, it's just that one flaw in the game's concept that made me think it's never going to work with the players.
It was too late to change anything. I want to recreate the project, it just depends if I've got the energy or not because it is a massive endeavor.

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What CAN you tell us HERE about Gear God Online??? :D

Hi! It's 30% done, and I have a Steam Greenlight concepts page for it. I'm going to release a Wiki website soon which will have as much info about GearGod including details about the player & enemy spaceships, items, how-to's, stories and lores, & more!
The design of the game is inspired by Diablo and MU Online, a lot of the game mechanics are inspired by those 2 games. And I've looked at other Space MMO as well as Space TV programs, books, movies & documentaries for inspiration as well - Eve Online, StarCraft, Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, Star Trek, Star Wars, Neil Degrasse Tyson documentaries, The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, etc.
The story of the game basically is about a fleet of spaceships (including you, the player) are stranded in a distant galaxy through a wormhole. And they have to find a way back home to the Milky Way galaxy. There are 3 exits the player can take. And each of those exits are guarded by their local inhabitants. The game will feature 4 space factions including: Caldarris, Amarr, Minmatar, and Federations (the Star Fleet you're enlisted to). The 3 other factions (Caldarries, Amarr, & Minmatar) are war weary and they usually see outsiders as enemies, so there's challenge in crossing their territories and so your journey to one of the wormholes will not be easy. That will be the main challenge.
There are about 106 star system (if I'm correct) that the players can explore in the game. The game will be split into 3 episodes, and so the entire map will be split into 3, a third of the map list will be revealed every other episode. So in episode 1 there will be roughly 30 something star systems the players can explore. And in the next episode there will be 60 and so on. I would prefer to have it this way so that I have a chance to improve on the game in between episodes.
The story of the game is open-ended. So there may be a sequel. A single player sequel with vastly improved graphics.
I will be releasing the Alpha version soon. The game is Free-To-Play, I will rely partly on donations to fund the hosting. The goal also is to introduce and distribute the game to as much players as possible. I have a list of MMO hubs that I can promote the game into.
The Alpha is coming very soon!
Steam Greenlight Concept Page:

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Where can I find Gear God Online?

Hey! It's currently under development. I'm planning to release an Alpha version very soon. There should be a website where you can find the download. The website at the moment is under development also. :)
The URL (currently unavailable) for the website would be: When it's up, you'll be able to create an account, and download the client in the website.

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