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were you and luis even in a good relationship?

? why so many questions on luis? but yah i think we did have a good relationship
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tbh ; you're beautiful and I love you so much ?? I'm fake v don't talk to me or ima fuck you over ? jk I'm not fake I'm real to my friends , hmu ! let's kick it before summer ends ?

gisellelovesyou2qt’s Profile Photogiselle
likewise (:
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Tbh, you were the sweetest in elementary! You're adorable and if you go to ehs I'll see you around, it isn't all that bad considering the fact that everyone talks shit about our school it's actually pretty dope especially the people! So good luck?

Claaaaaaaaaaaaaare’s Profile PhotoClarissa Delgado
thank you (: and yah i'll see you around (:
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