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Is it a betrayal if someone hides from you that he's a smoker and he's with you in a relationship?

wardazzled’s Profile PhotoWardah Shafi
عشق کرنے کے لیے جذبوں میں شدت چاہیے
لڑ سکو دنیا سے اتنی تو ہمت چاہیے
دیکھ کر تمہیں چھپا لی اس نے سیگریٹ اپنی
اور اس لڑکے سے تم کو کتنی عزت چاہیے !

i wish i was a cat. no stressed, no work, just meow meow😸 WBU?

iambismarana934488’s Profile PhotoBISMA
yeah and delivering 7 kittens twice a year.
now here we go wrong😂😂
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If you're driving and a child and an old man cross the road infront of you what do you hit first ? Old man or child !

sananmughal’s Profile Photosanandgaf
i would probably go with hitting the brakes , if they arent out of options😂

If someone is gay but does not practice homosexuality will they still be allowed into heaven?

imagine if someone gets a chance to steal and he doesnt steal, then why would he wont go to heaven?!!!
its all about getting a chance to do a sinful act but still you dont do that, thatswhat is required and thatswhat we will be asked about.
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