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What's it feel like to have boobs

They hurt if they're bigger but you don't want them to be small Bc then you look like a boy #thestruggle

What angers you the most?

I like when ppl who idk talk about me Bc it's funny that they waste their time worrying about me and I have no idea who they are

Don't worry about what these dumb people are saying. FOLLOW YOUR DREAM!!!!! Sometimes you only get one chance to do so, so take it and worry about other stuff later! School is important, yes, but this is your dream! These people just need to lay off because I'm sure they have dreams too

Yea lol I know. And I'm doing fine and it's just Bc the grades in as a 0 and it will change. So I'm gonna be back at an A once I take the test lol.

You'll never be a singer. Ever. You ditched school and are failing a class for a quick vacation? You only had to be there for Saturday. You can not complain.

Wtf 😹😹 ok first it takes 5 hours to drive there, and the audition was at 11 am so I had to miss Friday. And sorry that my mom and grandma spent money to get there and didn't wanna just turn around and leave. And I'm not even complaining. The Teacher is stupid and does weird stuff, and I don't think he needed to put a grade I wasn't there to get in?? I know that because I'm smart, reason 1 you must be jealous, my grade will be back to the A it was soon enough, and I'm sure I can still take the test. Maybe I'll never be a singer, but youre never gonna be better looking then you are, reason 2 you're jealous. You don't need to be on my ask?? You don't have any reason to be a bitch and put me down lol.

You're an idiot. You can't complain about getting a 0 when you ditch school for 2 days so you can follow your dream which happens to be the same as every other 6 year-old girl on the plannet.

Ok dumb bitch didn't think it through that I can see who's looked at my story 💜💜💜 you dont know when I missed that he gave the test first of all so stfu, sorry that you must be so jealous of me and concerned with my life. Worry about yourself babe 💜💜


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