Ask @rautataa:

Can you list down your skincare products here rau? And do you use anything if theres a pimple?

1) rice water cleansing foam by face shop. By far the best product I've used. Affordable too. My face got super clean in two weeks.
2) wonderpore toner by étude house
when acne pops out, I'll use dalanci t. The only way to get that in sg is thru a docs prescription so I'll get it from Malaysia!

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i saw your pic on instagram with your spatula work mates and i wish i could have that fun clique of friends, friends really light up our world don't they?

Don't b sadden, there was a time when I was lonely af and anons on here made fun of me all that time for that and eventually I found people I could talk to and gradually I started getting close to plenty of ppl. You won't be alone forever ok!! Also I don't have a best friend that's the downside I guess but that doesn't stop me from being happy :-)

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