Ask @rchlkm:

What's the best dating advice you have?

always have a limit/ boundaries/ space for each other
words are important, keep it sweet and simple and relevant
hmm what else
honesty is key. dont let little lies ruin the trust
trust is the basics
love with ur whole heart as if ull die tomorro
but lov urself even more
keep it mysterious/ interesting. be witty, just be urself, be lame

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do you want children? what gender? what age? names? sorry but i feel like you would have epic answers ;3

wow i just got taken back to maplestory and gaiaonline days. plus runescape. oh god
children? would be nice. 2 boys 2 girls. age ? uh a newborn when theyre born i hope. oh wait i just realized what u meant. i wanna be 28-35. names ?
i like .. max, sabrina, serena, and charlotte. or violet. or m ?
thinking of a nice m boy name is hard
max & m ?
sabrina & serena

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