I hope she tries lmao.
She's mad because someone else is pulling a her and she can't handle it. And that's alright. Also, the only health reasoning for me being medically disabled, is the fact that I have a positive spike, and I suffer from a really bad, uncontrollable migraine disorder. Other that that's it's due to the fact that I messed up my ankles playing too many sports at once when I was a teenager and then a surgeon messed them up more. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Nothing about any of that is shameful and no one will ever make me feel that way lmao.
Also, this is my sister, Kristen. I weigh less than her. Wanna know why she looks smaller than me? Because Kristen is 5'11, I'm 5'4. So, no, nothing anyone says about my weight will hurt my feelings when in reality I walk my whole town everyday and I'm actively changing my weight. The difference here....I won't cry about wanting to hurt myself because some nobody called me a fat slob (btw, ho I have OCD and can't be in a dirty area without getting sick, the more ya know)
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