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I creeped on that profile & it as well as that Kennedy profile (I creeped on that one a few times too lol) both have/had "Send a gift on Nov 27th" in their bio...just throwing that tiny bit of info out what ya will with it lol 🤷🏽‍♀️

Lmao the fact that they think we can't bust a fake is funny as hell to me. Didn't we use to make a past time of this on here years ago lmao

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Why weren’t you comfortable with your last therapist? Did they not believe in your own self diagnoses?

I don't self diagnose lol.
How am I supposed to know why I'm not comfortable with someone? There's just some people I'm not comfortable with therefore I wasn't telling my therapist what I should of been and I was down playiny attacks and break downs and that's not I'm getting a new one

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Did you seriously just brag about making $500 a week?

Do you seriously sit at home and try to come up with ways to try and make fun of complete strangers on the internet?

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+4 answers in: “Wanna laugh? Sometimes I @reachel_n under my bed for something and get an annoying cramp in my side, and then when I tell people about it they laugh. Everyone except @reachel_n bc she gets triggered since her parents were too ignorant to know how spell Rochelle correctly.”

What’s the vegetable you hate the most?

Honey I'm glad you found someone who has something in common with you..but I don't think I'd be proud of faking kids and telling people to kts.
You were never bullied, you cried wolf and the cops on YOUR HOMETOWN believed me over anything you told them. Remember?
Keep crying because people called you out, but learn, that's not bullying, that's standing up for people you offend.

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How to dress up on the first date?

@emilyandmax if you're going to talk about me at least spell my name correctly and btw nice way to misgender someone. Also, didn't know you were 16 and mommy controlled who sees YOUR son. Just admit you don't let Ray see max because you know Ray would take better care of him 🤷🏼‍♀️ don't start something you can't finish sweetie, we all know how this ends, with you crying bullied because people don't back down from you.

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Ever notice how so many losers and the poor always have tattoos? Like they measure their worth with the tattoos they have bc it’s the only thing they can’t sell or pawn 😂

I literally have only paid for one of my tattoos lol I have tattoos because I wanted them, nothing to do with because I think it gives me worth dumbo. Do you realize how much people get looked down on for having tattoos? Lmao

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