Come on not again lol

I'm serious. You don't have a real question, get off my page. You're annoying.

Well just to make it easier on me and block me

Or stay off my page you idiotic pest

You are annoying right now

I don't care if you think I'm annoying. If someone telling you to leave them alone is annoying to you then you're proving you're just an idiotic creep.

You are being an ass

No actually I'm being a bitch because you're being an annoying ass idiotic creepy pest. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m all that why don’t you just fucking block me

Why don't you be a decent human being and leave someone alone when they tell you to?
God you're just proving how much of a creep you are huh.
News flash, someone shouldn't have to block you,. Just to get you to leave them alone. That's called you being a harasser.

I didn’t ask the question just for you for the morning thing it was a mistake

Then unfollow me if you can't learn to not send me things that aren't questions. It's that simple.
Fucking creepy ass.