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hey americans (& non-americans who also have an answer)! how r u feeling abt the 2020 election? the democratic candidates so far? trump’s re-election campaign? (any predictions 🔮?)

Tbh I'm just tired of this all. It's mentally draining to know people hate other people so bad they want someone who wants the worse for others in office.

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did you ever get into fights at school? were your parents the Rough Parents that taught you to fight back? were they the Peaceful Parents that encouraged you to turn the other cheek? were they the Dramatic Parents that would call the school to complain? (questions based on an IG parody video)

I did actually. Once with my "best friend" in 6th grade, and once at a school dance in 7th. My family has always taught me not to start a fight, but I best finish it.
The one with my friend, she broke my thumb so I ended up bashing her head off the bus window and putting her on the ground lol.
The second one was over a boy, and it was worth the school bully. Wasn't really a fight cause she came over, got in my face saying she was going to hit me and apparently I was in a mood that night because I laughed and patted my cheek telling her if she was going to hit me she should make sure I didn't get back up. She didn't hit me, I kept running my mouth because apparently I wanted to fight, and I got taken out of the building by my friends Roger, blueberry, (and oddly enough) Jasper, the guy who the fight was over lol.

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