What’s wrong with you

So I was just scrolling through TikTok right? I felt my left earlobe get itchy so I scratched it. It was then that I noticed, under my ear piercing, there was something on my ear. I tried to pull it off but my ear lifted. It was as if the thing was IN my freaking ear! Now it wasn’t in a hole or anything because it was BELOW my ear piercing. Since it hurt when I pulled, I thought that I would keep twisting it until it broke off. When I saw what it was...IT WAS A TINY FREAKING PIECE OF PLASTIC!!!! Like how the heck did it get in my ear? It had to have been there for YEARS because I remembered it being there a few years ago but I didn’t think that it was PLASTIC in my freaking EARLOBE! So now I’m panicking over if my ear is okay and wth is wrong with my ear 😐
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