Welcome lol what’s up

No lmao bored af wbu 🤔

Nice I just turned 19 lol I shattered my camera so I’m trying to find a pic to put on here

Yikes that sucks. 😕 Also, you’re so luckyyyyy! I won’t be turning 18 until September 😩😩😩

Eh not so lucky haha. I’m 6 ft wbu

5’4. Ik I’m short but oh well 😂

That’s not a bad thing honestly lol what do you get compliments on?

Usually on my eyes and just me in general lmao. One of my mom’s friend told me that I was so tiny and she circled around me. I swear I didn’t know if that was a compliment or not 😂😂😂

Haha well yeah your eyes are gorgeous:) I’m guessing you might have curves too

Eh well yeah but I have fast metabolism so I’m really skinny lmao. I guess it’s slight curves? Idk lol and aww thank you :)

Welcome:) do you have a pic of you from head to toe ish?

It’s not from head to toe and this mirror makes me look smaller but this is the only pic ik of lol

Dang how long does your hair go down to

My hips lol

Ohh niiice:) do you like your chest or booty more lol

Booty lol

Lol do you have a pic of you in shorts or leggings that you like?

I used to but I think I accidentally deleted it 😩

Oh can you take one lol

Yeah but I’ll have to wash my shorts since I have done and wore them lol

Oh lol you can wash them after lol or if you have leggings lol

Actually they’re already washing lol and I don’t have any leggings

Oh ok lol can you text?

Yeah I can text lol

What’s your #? Or send it to me on a separate msg lol

Hun I don’t give strangers my # lol. I have snapchat though

Lol you can text me and then block me if you wants I don’t have snap rn

Hmm have you got anything else besides ask that you can message on?

No lol just try it

Alright fine. What’s your name and # so I can see if it’s you