Not as nice as you.

Well as of now you’re actually being sweeter than me lol

You're sweeter.

You’re the sweetest HAH! I win 😛

You win. Way too sweet.

Nah you’re way too sweet lol

To me you are.

Well thanks, you’re really sweet. (Hah!)

You win. So kind of you.

Not gonna work lol

What's not gonna work?

What you said lol. You’re the sweet one end of story. 😂

You're sweet. Lol end of it!

Nuh uh! I already ended it lol

Yeah huh and i ended it.

No lol you can’t end it if I already did

Just did!

That’s not how it works! 😂

I ended it at my end! 😂

No I ended it at MY end 😂😂😂