Sounds like fun

Yeh although I wasted 3 hours only for my stupid dog to step all over it 😑 he’s so annoyinnggg

Just wanted your attention for a bit haha

He done it while I was taking another dog out to use the bathroom 😑 AND he trashed two rooms. He needs to go outside

He really wants your attention haha

Nooo he just wants to get into everything lol. He’s not MY dog, he’s my mom’s. He’s still annoying

Maybe he likes you

That’s not it, trust me. He’s a puppy. I just can’t wait until he calms down as he gets older

Puppy's are funny tho

Ehhh he’s not that funny. When he’s not constantly getting into everything, tearing up stuff, stealing shoes, a phone, and your mom’s glasses that was on the table beside her, maybe he would be funny 🤷‍♀️

Hah kinda funny to me. I would personally steal some of your stuff for fun hahahahaha

Heck nooooo LoL

Would be lots of fun😛

No it wouldn’ttttt lol