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LEAVE ME TF ALONE ANON 🤬😢im done with the harassment enough is enough!!plz block and report this anon! And if you see something like this again block and report and have the other person block and report them !

Robbie I Abramson
Alrighty will do! I just don’t understand why I was brought into this 😩 I’m sorry you’re getting harassed though...

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+3 answers in: “was the orphan sensually abused? @abramsonrobbie552”

why are we even on if that drooling neckbeard dimwitted autistic prevert Frodo kid with awful teeth can get VIP on ask I mean what does that say about this website and the people who use it, including us? are we any better? I think not.

Wait what? What are you talking about? Nobody tells me anything anymore 😭😭😭

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