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why did you even take eleven pills?

no one knows & id like to keep it that way . dont want things to be blown out of proportion ..
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what high school are you going to or you think you're going to?

either arbor or shadow i honestly dont know anymore😒

do you still stay friends with someone you broke up with even if wasn't a bad break - up or do you not stay friends even if it wasn't?

it honestly depends who the person is & the reason we broke up .

have you ever tried to expose a person that sent nudes? like basically being a catfish but to expose

someone got stabbed at me & maddies party last night . shit was crazy

tbh: still my ride or die , got your back no matter what . we need to hangout asap I swear I miss you so much

i love youu💗💗 i miss you like crazy omff😅😅

that's gross , you're going to hurt yourself again . what are you doing girl 🙄🙄🙄

dont get me started😴😴 idek anymore

rant below 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

dont say you love me & that youre all for me when shes in your bio & your in hers . fuck outta here w/ these ' you come first ' lies . your games are weak so dont get mad when you find out i play them better .
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im sick & tired of people in my dance class thinking their superior . no its not ' attractive ' when i roll my eyes , but if yall werent taking advantage of the situation i wouldnt have to . yall arent above me just bc you sit the whole period & play on your phone or talk . yall chose the class so you could dance not sit on your ass & fuck around . i didnt wanna do a second dance , you did so get off your lazy ass & put in some fucking work . yall are some fake bitches & im tired of your ignorant attitudes . just bc we have a sub doesnt mean you can do whatever the hell you want . shes still a teacher & you still have to respect her .

tell me oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shudfldlsnakalpwieufuvufdhhekelwjd

chill out . it in no way affects you😂

what happened between cassie and her girlfriend?

didnt know something happened & tbsh its not my business anymore ..😅


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