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Uchiha72204’s Profile PhotoPoorvi
1. “You’re going to think you love them and each time you’re going to think this one is different, this is the one, but when you meet the one, you’ll realize I was right and that all those other guys were a waste of time.” — baseybitch
2. “If you’re having an argument in a relationship, it’s not you vs your partner. It’s both of you together vs the problem.” — HiddenMitten
3. “You can’t control other people’s behaviors, but you can control how you respond to their behavior. Learning not to be immediately reactive.” — badnboo_gee
4. “To know who your true friends are, look for the ones who say good things behind your back and bad things to your face.” — G1ZG4R1
5. “Never date a guy with the mindset ‘I can change him’. You either accept his traits, or get out.” — little-k-little
6. “You don’t get paid based on how hard you work. You get paid based on how hard you are to replace.” — WarrenBoyce
7. “Be the person you needed in life.” — TraceyMichael
8. “If you’re worried about something and there’s something you can do to help the situation, stop worrying and do that thing. If you’re worried about something and there’s nothing you can do to help the situation, stop worrying – there’s nothing you can do. So… either way, worrying is a waste of time.” –– thetendy

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How many of u like math !!!!!

niharikags5’s Profile PhotoNiharika Gs
First of all, I understand that not everybody likes math.
I am currently tutoring kids at a primary school nearby my college campus. Today, in the 4th grade class I work with, I was assigned students who were doing a practice exam, preparing for the 60-minute state-wide assessment tomorrow. My job was to help this group of students get through the whole set of problems in two hours. The practice exam featured problems about time and date, approximation, and spending. I thought to myself that I would have loved the class if I was given these kind of problems in 4th grade.
However, despite their real-life simulation, the problems did not interest the kids. Everything else seemed fine; my students did the exam anyway since the teacher was sitting at the next table. At first my excuse was that it is normal that math is not their favorite subject.
As my observation continued, however, I found that they were all using exactly the same approaches in solving these problems. It should not be surprising since everyone including me did that in 4th grade too. We were told how to solve the problems and we just kept using the method. Do my students know what mathematical concepts are behind it though? I asked them. It was surprising that “No” was the answer. For example, given the date of the first Monday, students were asked to find the date of the third Wednesday in that month. They knew that they had to add multiples of seven but they did not know why. This is indeed sad.
I was trying to think of what went wrong but my students were finishing all the problems in such short a time. Why do we prefer speed so much in a test? I have come to accept that a short exam time does indeed turn their “getting interested” button off. Although generalizing my observation is risky, this is the problem that we are facing in our education system.
To get the work done quickly, my 4th graders simply put everything into formulas they had already memorized.

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Friends with benefits.?

Friends with benefits are not supposed to cuddle in bed for hours after sleeping together, talking about class and binge-watching sitcoms. They are not supposed to share music and trade childhood stories. They are not supposed to know each other as well as we know each other.
Friends with benefits are not supposed to send good morning texts. They are not supposed to continue the conversation throughout the evening and night. They are not supposed to beam whenever another message comes through.
Friends with benefits are not supposed to meet parents and grandparents. They are not supposed to get invited to hangout sessions with friends. They are not supposed to be involved the way we are involved.
We have been breaking every rule in the book. We have been acting more like boyfriend and girlfriend than casual hookups.
Friends with benefits are only supposed to see each other once in a while. They are only supposed to have sexual chemistry. They are not supposed to get invested. They are not supposed to act romantic. They are not supposed to become best friends.
You can call us friends with benefits but the label is inaccurate. We are more than casual. There is something growing between us. Something deeper than sex.

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Feeling very lonely

To the girl who is feeling lonely,
It’s okay. You’re doing great. Your loneliness doesn’t make you any less of a person. If doesn’t make you sad or pathetic. It makes you human.
Your loneliness means you are growing. It means you are feeling. Feeling doesn’t always happen.
You are lonely because you are out of that toxic relationship. You are lonely because you didn’t settle. You are lonely because you are waiting for the right person.
Your loneliness is another season of your life. A season worth celebrating. Embrace it. Find ways to know yourself. To love yourself. Create and discover. You don’t need a significant other in your life to be complete. You don’t need a “better half.” You are the better half. You are complete. You need someone to enhance your life. You need a partner. An equal.

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i'm the person who sticks around longer then I should. but one's i'm gone I am gone 💜💫

Faiza_Ahmad’s Profile PhotoBrown_eyes
Will never let you go💥✨
No happy ending, then.
I don’t get sick of writing about her. Even when I think I’m starting to get a bit obsessed about it, I think this is the sort of thing that just comes with this sort of love. You know, the kind that won’t go away? She loves me as much as I love her, as surprising as it seems, and I don’t ever want to let go. Neither do I want her to let go of me. But.
In every love story, everyone thinks that either they break up, or they have the happy ending that everybody else wants. For me, I don’t think that we’ll actually have either. I know, right now, it seems that we’ll break up with all the constant fighting, the lying, the misunderstandings, and all those general quirks that come after a time of being in a relationship with someone, and it’s completely my fault.
What I think she doesn’t understand is that I know, that I’m the one that seems to take us apart with every single thing I do, and that I’m mad at myself. She thinks I’m mad at her, or that I already have someone else, or that I fell out of love already, and all the things of that sort. What she doesn’t understand is that I hate myself for it. I try. So hard.
To be the person she wants. To be the guy with the good arms and not the kid that already has a daughter, to be the talented guy that sings and plays and writes songs about her, not blog posts. To be that text in the morning that makes her look forward to the rest of her day, not the lifeless goodnight after a hard day, to be the man that understands all she’s going through and holds her hand through the storm, not the cranky kid that’s upset when she isn’t able to give him what he wants. I’m the exact guy she said she’d never want in her life, but is there to stay. What she doesn’t understand is that I know that, too. And it hurts me almost as much as it hurts her.

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Do you overthink?

vivichan109’s Profile Photovivichan109
Overthinking. It’s the nights you spend not sleeping as mistakes you’ve made in the past act as a plague to your mind. It’s worrying about things that might never happen as you dwell over the things that have.
It’s every fear you have that paralyzes you. And as you think more you hold back tears.
It’s failure becoming your worst reality in your mind. Failing class. Failing at a job. Failing in relationships.
People who overthink tend to strive for unrealistic expectations which lead to success.
But the cost is exhaustion maintaining it.
It’s being both physically and emotionally exhausted from a brain that never slows down or shuts off.
Overthinking is that pause between texts as you wonder how they interrupting what you said. It’s typing and deleting and sending yet another because your mind is playing tricks on you.
It’s the constant need for answers and responses just to keep your mind at bay and calm.

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When was your last cry?

There will come a time where someone you love so deeply will walk away from you. It can be after five years or five months or maybe you never even had the chance to start, either way you will find yourself in a state where you cannot simply fathom just how much pain can overtake such a small space on the upper left side of your chest.
Here is the part where you cry. You break down. You yell. You clutch your heart as if someone is physically crushing it in their hands. You will cover your ears because of the deafening silence which used to be filled with a voice you’ve grown to call home. You will watch every god damn Nicholas Spark movie and tweet every line that hits way too close to home. You will cry to your sister or to your mother or your best friend and you will beg them to help you pick up the pieces. You will feel like every fiber of your being and every nerve ending has been ignited just to feel all the self loathing and heart break you were so desperately scared of feeling. You will listen to Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and Bon Iver and maybe even a little Drake and you will understand the lines, “I don’t get waves of missing you anymore, they’re more like tsunami tides” and “Whatever could it be, that has brought me to this loss?” You will read endless articles from Thought Catalog, especially the ones tagged in the break up sections. You will pray to whomever god you believe in to just bring him back, I promise I’ll do better. You will be like a deer caught in the headlights when you hear a familiar song you two listened to one night when you enter a restaurant or shop. You will seclude yourself from the world. You will drink alcohol until you see red. You will find ways to numb the pain like a new exercise routine you discovered and fooling yourself into thinking you’re okay until you’re in bed six days later because of overexertion and fatigue. You will deceive yourself into thinking they’ll come back and then you’ll realize they never will.

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Life or love....?

piyulove777’s Profile PhotoPiyulove ♥️
You discover what you’re wildly passionate about, and you make time for those things.
Love is beautiful, but it isn’t everything. There are so many other things to be passionate about besides a person—art, photography, music, writing, literature, sports, exercising, work—to just name a few. When you start falling in love with your life, as opposed to investing all your time and energy into a relationship, you find time for the things that light a fire within you, the things that inspire and fuel you. And your life becomes more satisfying and complete as you focus on those things rather than romance.
You become more in-tune with your wants and needs.
Falling in love with your life means learning what you love, what you desire, and what you need. It means focusing on your goals and how you can, and will pursue them. It means discovering what you really want out of relationships, out of yourself, out of your existence on this earth, and creating a well-designed plan for your future.

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Life or love
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itna dukh hai life mein

Hey sweet soul, I know you’re crying right now.
Maybe not with physical tears, but your heart is bleeding. It has been hurt. Maybe by people, or maybe by yourself. You’re blaming yourself for the mistakes you made. I trusted him. I believed her. I listened to their voices. I let it happen. They didn’t mean to. Or perhaps you’re just really angry at them. How could they do this to me? How could this happen? Why me?
First, I want you to know that you have been hurt. They don’t get to decide if they hurt you. They can’t tell you how to feel. You do. And all this pain means you’re hurting. Bad. And that’s okay. Let it hurt. Let the pain shower over you like black pebbles falling onto your soft skin. Let its edges poke you sharply and make you gasp trying to breathe through it. Let it make you cry till there’s no sound escaping your lips. Let it make you shake as sobs rattle your body violently. Let it all out. You’re hurting, sweet soul—let it hurt.
Sometimes the people who you thought would stick by you don’t. Sometimes the person you thought you were isn’t there anymore. And you just have to accept it. No matter how much it hurts.
Your lips are often pursed together, holding a cry. Please, let it out. Let your soul cleanse with the gentle acceptance of your pain. Stop denying it. Stop avoiding it. When you’re breaking down, say to yourself:I have been hurt. I have every right to cry. It hurts. And then be that voice that comforts you. That soft smile. That gentle touch on your shoulder that keeps you standing. Because what do you do to a little boy who has been hurt? You talk to him gently. You reassure his worth. You let him cry on your shoulder. You make him smile. You tell him, You’re going to be fine. The pain will go away. You’re strong. Look at you, you’re surviving all the punches life is throwing at you. You’re doing it! And I know it hurts, darling, but you’re going to be okay. I promise.

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itna dukh hai life mein
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What can melt your heart ??

mahathireddy13’s Profile PhotoM °•°
1.Cup her face while you make out.
2.Match your actions to your words. Saying you’ll always being there for her and actually following through. Saying you want to give her the world and actually trying. Saying you’re faithful and actually are.
3. Reach over to hold her hand while driving in the car.
4. Remember her period days and bring her chocolate.
5. Pack a small snack for her in your pocket like dried mangoes or a granola bar in case she gets hangry.
6. Throw love notes in her purse or lunch bag.
7. While you’re waiting for something together, keep your arm around her waist.
8. Brush hair out of her face.
9. Forehead kisses.
10. Give her a genuine compliment.
11. Remember things she told you.
12. Cuddle while half asleep.
What can melt your heart

How's the night ?

mahathireddy13’s Profile PhotoM °•°
It’s at 2 am that the night hits me and asks me about you.
It asks me how you’re doing and I still don’t have an answer. I like to believe that you’re fine but a part of me doesn’t really want you to be fine without me.
The stars ask me if you still shine everywhere you go and if your smile still brightens up anyone’s day and I can’t help but say yes, because even if I haven’t seen you, I know that you’ll always shine even if it’s dark inside you.
And sometimes the night and I wonder if you miss me and if you’re also looking out the window waiting for a miracle.

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What do you value the most in your life?

vivichan109’s Profile Photovivichan109
It’s dangerous to assume your worth is tied to any one thing, whether that’s your career or your relationship or your friendships. If you get your validation from a single outside source, then your sense of worth is going to rise and drop on a daily basis. Your confidence is going to change based on how well that single area of your life is currently going.
You can’t allow your relationship status to determine your worth. It doesn’t matter whether you’re currently getting over a breakup. It doesn’t matter whether your heart is having trouble healing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re spending your nights in bed alone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the last one of your friends who is still single. It doesn’t matter whether you thought you would be married with children by now. You value doesn’t change based on whether or not you’re in a relationship.
You can’t allow your social media stats to determine your worth. It doesn’t matter how many comments you get on a selfie. It doesn’t matter how many followers you have. It doesn’t matter how many people have been sliding into your DMs. It doesn’t matter whether anyone has checked your story in the last hour. Your value doesn’t changed based on your popularity on social media.
You can’t allow your career to determine your worth. It doesn’t matter how much money you’re making. It doesn’t matter whether you’re taking longer to achieve your goals than you feel like you should. It doesn’t matter whether your friends seem further ahead than you right now. It doesn’t matter whether you feel like you’re slowly falling behind. You value doesn’t change based on the amount of money in your bank account.

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What do you value the most in your life
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How do you deal with rejection?

vivichan109’s Profile Photovivichan109
Transitional moments in our lives often revolve around rejection. We’re all meant to experience it at different points, some of us more often than others. The fear of rejection can put shivers down even the most confident person’s spine. I’ve experienced it both professionally and in relationships, and it always hurts. That is, the rejection itself hurts. What does, however, get easier is the way you bounce back from it and how you learn to let it change you in positive ways.
When I get rejected, I let myself feel sad for a few days. I allow myself a pity party, letting irrational thoughts flood my mind for a day or two. But then, I set them on fire. I remember that my worth is not measured by the number of rejections I’ve received. My worth does not depend on someone else’s approval.
If you’ve just been rejected, you have to remember that the person who rejected you only rejected one aspect of you. They rejected the shy girl they saw at the bar, the writer who didn’t fit their current needs, or the overqualified job candidate. They never got a chance to see all the layers that make you who you are today. They never got to see your depth, what moves you, what makes you smile, what puts tears down your face. They never saw past that one facet you presented.
You have to remember that in a world of billions, not everyone is compatible. You know what they say, you can be the yummiest peach in the world, but there’ll always be someone who just doesn’t like peaches. But there are many who do. This one rejection doesn’t define you, it doesn’t make you any less. You’re not losing out on anything because it was never meant to work out. Don’t chase after the things that aren’t for you because you’ll close yourself off to the things that’ll actually set your heart on fire.

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How do you deal with rejection
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I’m atttacted to guys who can speak very well.

So let me share how I think🙌
I think love is weird.
Love is asking ourselves to be intimate and vulnerable, but at the same time, brave. We hope for acceptance and commitment with no guarantee of it, just faith and hope in the other person. That they’ll do the same.
To be in love, we ask ourselves to be an amalgamation of our greatest fears and most compelling desires; a recipe for disaster almost every time. And so in 20 years of walking, running, and laughing on this earth, I have yet to find the opportunity to develop the perfect ratio of each — the recipe of being in love.
But don’t get me wrong, dear reader, I think about it from time to time.
Sometimes, I think about it when I see two people, walking down the street, hand-in-hand, blissfully unaware of those around them. It’s always on that all-too-serene Sunday morning, as I am scurrying home from grabbing black coffee, in my worn-in grey sweatpants and messy hair up in a bun, with under eye bags to match that I’ll only know the origins of from the Snapchat stories of the night before.
How did you like it?

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Love or sex?

Fuck love
Fuck sex
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Are you ready for next lockdown ? Nothing else is left in life

This lockdown has given me and lakhs of Indians a new life to do business in *AFFILIATE MARKETING*✨🙌
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