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One once did the impossible guiding Arsenal to an unbeaten season on FM 12. I then lost the first three games of the next season and resigned in anger!

#FMconfessions Ha! Man that sucks, where did you end up? Losing is such a sickening feeling. Ever feel really helpless sometimes, like the game has it's own narrative already worked out?

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How hard is it to resist the temptation to play ahead of real time? Really tempted to start playing in real time when I get FM16!

During midweek with no continental games, or in the case of a transfer bid I've made that I'm keen to know an answer to (so I can start to make new graphics) then it's very tempting. During the height of the season with midweek matches then not so much, as matchdays are a good 3-4 hours work. It's so much fun though. Getting through that first summer can be a struggle. My recommendation when FM16 launches (and I may reboot RTFM tbh), is to play as normal from June 1st (or whatever) up until the comparative release day that FM16 comes out then go from there! And blog blog blog it :D good luck!

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