Ask @rec709:

For the purpose of gaining more knowledge on human anatomy as well as inflicting further punishment, dissecting the bodies of executed criminals used to be legal. Do you think the dissection of executed criminals should still be implemented nowadays? Elaborate, please.

During the 2WW, Nazis were doing a lot of surgical experiments and dissection for studies was a normal practice, but we are talking about breathing human beings, and terror/violence of war. In general, I think now the studies have to go more towards re-creating human parts, 3D printing is already picking up speed in medicine and bone prosthetics are already being printed. So let's keep the mad scientists on the movie screens and in the history books.

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How would you react if your brain scan images revealed certain regional differences that are associated with the so-called psychopathy?

I think I'm already different, when I was in a psychology class my tests were different from the whole group due to an artistic approach to drawing. And as far as I know, one of the famous dressmakers were schizophrenic and made one of her first dress out of flower ribbons from the graveyard.

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