Ask @Recovering_dreamer:

What' your all time favourite song/s ? 💖

I change all the time- I've got such a varied sense of music 😂
Currently I love
Suspicious Eyes - The Rakes
Let's Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats
Are you in Love with the Notion? - Courteeners
Pumped up Kicks - Foster the People
This is the Life - Amy Macdonald
Two Doors Down - Mystery Jets
New Shoes - Paolo Nutini
She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
Ugly Heart - G. R. L.
... And there are way more, too many to list! 😂💖

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Red or white onion? Sweet or white potato? Brown or white pasta? Brown or white rice? Brown or white bread? Dark or milk or white chocolate?

I like both- I usually cook with white onion, but only because that's what my family use! Sweet 👌🏼 White for pasta and rice. Brown (wholemeal) for bread. Milk chocolate 👍🏼
(I do like all potatoes/ pasta/ rice/ bread/ chocolate though - those are just my faves) xx

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Personal question dont answer if you dont want but do you enjoy sex/masturbation/foreplay etc?

I used to be so so scared of sex and all that came along with it, but since meeting my boyfriend I love it! I think it totally depends on who you're with what you feel comfortable doing, and some people don't like intimacy and that's fine too! Personally I have never masturbated and that doesn't appeal to me, but foreplay and sex are good 🙈💓

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Favourite Quest bars? Favourite Nakd bars? Favourite Trek bars? Favourite any other bars/cookies/protein snack? 💓

I don't really eat any of those things because I associate them too much with eating disorders! I want to recover and be completely free from ED habits and the suchlike, so I try to view protein as a normal food group and not something I need to have more of. I wouldn't have eaten protein bars before I got an eating disorder, and therefore I don't want to eat them now? If that makes any sense.
I do eat Nature Valley bars though (cereal bars) and I love them- my favourite flavour is crunchy oats and chocolate, but I also like the crunchy oats and honey, or almond, or maple syrup ones too etc x

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