Ask @redrapture:

What is your attitude towards hunting?

"Depends which kind you're talking about... I personally understand the needs of hunting for survival but not overstepping the limit. Take only what you need and don't waste anything because a sacrifice was made for it. In regards to.. other hunting.. I don't consider every being out there evil, Only the malicious should be hunted."

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What's the funniest auto-correct mistake you made?

"Ugh.. Alright. I meant to send a text to Mista letting him know that dinner plans had been changed from the restaurant to Bruno's place because I wanted to cook for everyone. But instead of writing 'Dinner will be at six at Bruno's' it decided to write 'Dinner will be sex at Bruno's'... He still won't let me live it down..."

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Which song reminds you of your childhood?

"Don't stop believin' by Journey. I swear this was my Dad's go to song when we had long trips to the next town. He'd blare this as loud as he could go, roll the windows down, and literally just go crazy singing it. Always trying to get me to join in and do the riffs with my hands... Heh. Those nights were some of the best."

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