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If your character could be anyone else for a day, who would they be and why?

probably azula bc reece thinks she's so cool
Liked by: keith

If oc hogwarts were to be a tv show, why would people like your character??

i mean obviously they probably wouldn't like her at certain moments since she's so loud and stuff but other than that they'd probably like her
Liked by: keith

What’s your character’s relationship like with their parents?

both are dead but when they were alive she had a great relationship with them

How would you describe your childhood in general?

it was pretty good tbh. she didn't have some horrible childhood but she was kinda bullied in her first year for her weight but she quickly got over that.

Who would you lay down your life for?

probably any of the death eaters just because in a way, they've become her second family??? that's kinda messed up but she doesn't really have a lot of family right now so she takes what she can get lmao.
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