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Will you marry/have relationship with a woman who is raped ?

This is a very sensitive topic and past sexual assault alone should not be a factor when marrying someone — the trauma of a sexual assault may prevent someone from being able to have a healthy intimate relationship nor is it is always in their best interest to try. That would be a factor in deciding to pursue a relationship or marrying someone. But as speaking for myself If my partner was a rape survivor then I would gladly accept them. But, if you ask me to marry them out of sympathy, I might not. I don't want to show "pity" or "sympathy" in that case I might empathize with them, the unfortunate situation and would want to help them in ways other than marriage. It upset me terribly and angers me that we live in a society where the moment a man or a women says that he/she has been raped or sexually abused, everyone begins to question them. We live in a society where we don't have laws for the rape victims. We live in a society where at least candle marches are held for the rape victims, but no one really gives a damn care.
If a man got raped, It means he was not brave. And who wants to marry a not-so-brave man¿ Some guys can at least say that they are rescuing a girl from the curses of the society by marrying her. But there is no such thing that we girls could say but then, why are we even talking about this. Why are we categorizing people on the basis of whether they are rape survivors or not. Why is this even a criteria¿ Would we not marry someone cause they were bullied in school¿ Would we not marry someone cause they were raped¿ I sure will marry a rape survivor and will gladly accept them if necessary,notcause that person is a rape survivor, but cause they are the the person I fell in love with. 🌻

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What do you like the most about nights?

afiyah_khan’s Profile PhotoAFIYAH
The shimmering stars and the silent sky. The world suddenly becomes peaceful. Every thing comes to a still. The silence. The weakness. Honest and deep conversations. And I feel like throughout the day most of the times we are wearing a mask which we want the whole world to see. Maybe that mask is what we want to become or just a face we want others to see to feel included. But at night — the world is shut; mind feels free and before we wear mask for next day we are not bound to act anymore and that is surely one of the reasons why late night conversations are so deep.🌙💙🌟
What do you like the most about nights

How would you describe your connection to nature? Do you enjoy being near flora and fauna? 🌲🦋🌻

TobbeAsks’s Profile PhotoTobbe
I have somuch love for nature. The connection I feel I can't put into words, it reminds me of how small I am in the grand scheme of things. And how much beauty co-exists in a world that can be cruel and unfair. Their is beauty all around, if we take the time to notice and enjoy it. There is a sense of awe in nature that makes me feel connected to all we miraculously happen to be apart of.
Like when you are in distress, you happen to notice even the small ripples in a lake. But when your extremely calm and content that same thing looks still and relaxing. It acts like a mirror of your emotions at the same time a soothing sensation which makes you feel better the more you spend with it. Nature puts so much attention in the most minute things. It is in the details. They are the most beautiful thing I have seen in nature and it always makes me feel so alive, thankful, and happy and at home - it enhances my senses, makes me feel closer to my god. It makes me realize how connected everything and everyone is. 🌻

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How would you describe your connection to nature Do you enjoy being near flora

your thoughts on people who move on so fast from a recent break up?

It is their choice if they wanna move on so fast. We can’t let or have something to say to someone who don’t wanna drown themselves about the past. Never judge someone so easily just cause they want to move on that way as everybody has their own pace and coping mechanism. Just let them be. And sometimes it depend — If they just got out from a bad break up or toxic relationship, then they have the rights to move on quickly for they deserve better. I just hope that they have already realized their worth by that time they already moved on, though. It is difficult to enter a relationship without considering what you really feel, like you are just rushing everything up cause you feel like you are all alone.

what do you think about parents not apologising for invaliding their child's feelings and act like nothing happened?

It isn't a healthy behaviour at all though cause at some point it will get toxic and something that the child can quickly adopt and learn. The child will soon learn that they can hurt someone else regardless of their intentions and if they leave them alone for long enough — the problem is going to magically disappear and they wouldn’t have to take any responsibility for it, somehow its hard for some parents to say sorry to the kids still a wonder why¿ maybe its culture to blame or maybe that's what they experienced too when they were children but for those people who experienced this, lets stay positive. 🌻

If the person you love no longer makes you happy and you can feel them slowly losing interest in you, is trying to save the relationship even worth it? Or should you just give up and let them go?

Asked yourself first — is it them that is tired of me or is it me that is tired of them? Relationships doesn't have to always make you happy after all. If you notice that they don't have the same energy as before, confront them about it. Communication comes first before to make an action. If you see that they are not even trying to communicate about it when it is an important issue regarding your relationship then end it before it breaks you. As for me Iam the type of person that would keep trying to save it until I really can’t anymore, then I would let go. I mean I will try to solve the problem and see what is missing but if the same thing keeps repeating again and again, and its getting painful and toxic I would let them decide or let them go. 🌼

How will we stay motivated after knowing that our goals become a failure?

AhmadBakheitMndo’s Profile Photo∆HMED
If you failed something you worked hard for that is ok. It's all a learning experience. Take it as a lesson to do something different or try harder. People fail all the time, but they don't talk about their failures only their successes. Failure is a stepping stone to success and it is a process. If you don’t achieve your goals, Its okay. You tried your best. You tried even when your heart and body was heavy. And if you didn’t, see it as a lesson learnt. Just try again. Don’t let it bring you down.
Your failure is nothing but a chance to learn and do things better. Do not assess your self-worth based on the number of failures you have had. And even still things don't go your way, keep fighting. keep doing. Its okay to be sad for a while and feel demotivated but it's so important to get up again and analyse what went wrong, set up a new plan, and continue working towards your goals. Sometimes ofter one failure, or when you can't able to achieve your goals it can feel really difficult to pick yourself back up and keeping going. Take some time and feel your disappointment or your frustration as you need to, if you need to. Then get on it again.
One thing — Don’t let it stop you.
For 9/10 goals, a second attempt can be made. One failure doesn’t equate to a permanent one, and you will almost always have the opportunity to try again. keep pushing forward and do what makes you happy. 🌻

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How will we stay motivated after knowing that our goals become a failure


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