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What hurts you the most?

— Being there for someone; and when you need them; they just vanish somewhere.
When you give your all to someone and stick with them; no matter what. Then one day they just give up. They won’t even fight for you. The one thing you had have never done; they did it without hesitation.
When you realize you weren’t as important to someone as you thought you were.
When someone’s actions do not match up with their words.
When you want to be noticed for all the right things you do; but somehow; it seems like the wrong things are always bigger.
Realizing that the people who are closest to you live far away and you can’t do anything about that distance.
On a lighter note —getting your pinky toe shit knocked against the corner of the bed or table;

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How can you forgive the person who hurt you deeply?

Listen; they caused you the first wound; but you are causing the rest.
Yes. they did hurt you once. But at present; you are the one choosing to take the pain with yourself by not forgiving them. They started it — but you keep it going.
The worst case can be the person who has hurt you isn’t even a bit guilty 'bout it. Whom are you being so thoughtful for¿
Just forgive but never forget. Let the grudges go or else it will eat only you alive.

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Where are you from originally, and how do you compare it with your country?

Morocco. I love the culture of hospitality here - my paki' friends are the most gracious; most hospitable; most going out of their way to make me feel welcomed. It is more than just culture. It is simply in their genes.
And not to mention bout the food; like finger licking good. And again; they love to feed you. Like paki' grandma’s are no different from any other. They express their love by feeding you; and you just can't say no. It doesn't matter what time of the day you meet them — they will not let you leave without eating.
Also; political awareness - everybody seems to be well read and very politically up to date with global affairs. As in morocco they have a wide variety of resources; but it is always the responsibles who make matters worse. The way they distribute the resources makes no sense at all. Unemployement is very high. Most of the graduates get a job via their parents or they give money as corruption to get the job they want.

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Post something that every teenager should know?👀

— Mistakes. 🍃
You won't really listen to your parents until you are in your 20's. And I mean hearing what they have to say—having their advices really sink in. You will think nothing is fair. Actually; it gets truly more unfair as you get older.
You will chase boys/girls and almost always feel like you are in love. You will make that mistake and waste some precious time on the way but you will discover that none of these relationships before turning 20 really matter. Even me saying this to you now won't really matter. — You won't know you are making a mistake; even if someone who knows better tells you so. You; at the moment will always feel absolutely confident about the choice you are making. It is only a mistake after it's over and you are unhappy with the outcome.
Mistakes shouldn't be a negative thing. You can quit high school; build your own company and become very successful. You might not and in that sense quitting school will seem like definitely a mistake. The outcome of the "mistake" is what really makes it a mistake. Oh — make mistakes. If I didn't make all those mistakes and unwise choices in my teens then I had be making them now; in my twenties. So get all the mistakes out of your system. As many as you can. You will start making less as you get older but they are inevitable; you will always make them. Big or small.

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What’s your favorite time of the day?

Befoe' everyone else wakes up in the morning and you have the freedom to move around — throw your clothes in the dryer for a few minutes before putting them on and you can have a peaceful; quiet house to yourself. But am mostly a night person so my favorite time of day is actually night. I prefer the quiet solitude of late night.

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What’s your key to happiness?

Happiness is elusive. You won't find it if you go looking for it¿
Just simply enjoy this moment right now. You will miss your whole life if you don't. — when making decisions; let love guide the way rather than fear.
While you are at it; defy fear. Look at it in the eye and do it anyway. ((you probably know the difference between brave and foolhardy.))
Accept things the way they are. This implies letting go of any expectations and resistance.
Don't covet what you don't have. This means no envy like — wanting for yourself what someone else has or jealousy (the fear someone will take what is yours.
When you come across an obstacle feel challenged instead of frustrated. Its a matter of attitude/perspective.
Think of others. Happiness does not come from living inside your head or thinking only of yourself.
Relinquish trying to control everything. No forcing, pushing, pulling, manipulating, plotting. You can't control it all. (believe me. I've tried). It's exhausting, and I hate to break it to you, but things tend to work out fine without your intervention.
Believe that what happens happens in your best interest. This is the true definition of surrender. Not giving up but trusting things will work out. Decide that you have enough.
When met with the unknown; tap into a sense of adventure rather than uncertainty. — resolve to see beauty everywhere.

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What is the best answer to ending a debate

I assume If you are talking 'bout being a reply speaker¿ then I suggest you to point out the flaws of your opponent ((logical reasoning; structure; fallacy and so and try to emphasize your team’s best argument. Moreover — if there are any argument your opponent didn’t cover that you clearly mention in the debate; then point it out as it makes your opponent look incompetent.

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Hahaha no need for it btw i view your wall and your answers quite fascinate me so i thought let's have a little chat with you and gain some knowledge by having a good company but as i said as you like so take care gorgeous stay blessed :p

This is so embarrasing. Haha; naaa. Iam truly sorry. This is so incredibly kind of you for saying that. Thank you; much appreciated. (( Haha. Knowledge is power )). And I would love to have a convo' with you. Thank you. Stay blessed too. ✨♡

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How much of the Pakistan have you seen ?🚣✈🚂

Well I travelled here and there cause of posting stuffs and so but havent seen much; hahah — But I love to vist margala Hills; the mountains in Gilgit-Balkistan and KPK; Natha Gali ((seems to be a good tourist destination for politicians)). Other area of which I have heard a lot is Naran. ♡

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