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Are you the forgiving type or do hold grudges?

I do forgive easily. However forgive but do not forget. — There are days you really don’t understand why people behave the way they do. But then you learn to empathise and let go.
Initially my thoughts were conflicting. Slowly I stepped back and made peace with what life is. Its so alright; people make mistakes; we do too. Second chances are hard to give. Sometimes damages are irreversible and thats okay.
What is important is we change whatever flaw we realise that we have and move on. The other person involved; well they have to make their own choices about what they are and what they want to be. It is important not to push anyone towards anything, we all walk our own path in our own time.
Appreciate those who step in. Appreciate those who step out too. The more we try to hold on the more we hurt ourselves and the others involved. Holding grudges is exactly that. There is no point. There is no end to the continual nonsense that causes so much misery in our brain. Honestly most of the times the other person is not even worth it.
Mostly its all misunderstandings. Of expectations on two opposite sides. Its all drama. Best option is to let go and allow for better things to come your way. — These experiences to make you wary and look over your shoulder many times. But that is a part of growth and it is sometimes good to process what we are and what we say or do to others before engaging in any conversation of any sort.

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What are some small things that make your day better?

• My pets. Books. Smell of books Yep. I could be in crappy mood; depressed but I will just gonna read my fave books and I will be all better. Plus Ice-creams. It lights up my day.

• Star gazing/Space — I love everything about space and I wish I could just observe them forever. Also black holes. But what makes me happy about it is that thinking about space reminds me that Iam just a tiny dot and my problems seem tho small at that moment.
• Cooking for people.
•The way people’s faces light up when you do something nice and unexpected for them. Also seeing other people do random acts of kindness
•PLANTS!1!1 — Give me all the plants and I will give them love. Succulents especially; I admire them.
•Foods; my loved one's and all the soft cuddly mushy things makes my whole lotta day brighter.

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Is it healthy to use anger as comfort for problems you are dealing with?

🌸; Anger is a negative emotion. — but holding it back will only build it more inside you and by that you create more problems. Showing anger will help you and others
like; define the problem that caused that anger¿ but also you have to express it in a healthy more socially acceptable way. You can't just go around punching people in the face everytime someone makes you angry; but you can show them that their behaviour made you angry and maybe you can think why their behaviour made you angry. Maybe they did something wrong; or maybe you expected much of them and that was not their problem.

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What does a "beautiful mind" mean to you?

🌸; A beautiful mind is one that; no matter what; always tries to love and see the best in people. It is one that tries to laugh at the little things and smiles when in pain. A beautiful mind is the sort of mind that doesn't give up or stop living. It is a light amongst lights. A beautiful mind is a joyful mind.

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What is the best way to increase self-esteem?

🌸; You know how the saying goes (( Fake it till you make it )).
Always start with yourself to think more positively and feel free to even pretend to be a confident person cause even if you don’t believe it; trust me. You will soon. If you are trying to change or make a change in your life; don’t prioritize thinking about how others might think or react to it. Prioritize thinking about how YOU think or react to it. As long as you know that you want to do or say something, go at it with this kind of fake confidence — cause after you get the ball rolling; you are going to feel so much better cause the first step is always the toughest.
Acknowledge when you do good. Whenever you accomplish something you are proud of; don’t downplay it. Whenever you do something that brings you joy; allow yourself to feel happiness. Whenever you do something correctly, pat yourself on the back. And whenever you do something good, however small - acknowledge that you did it. Any act of kindness or love; or straight up goodness is worthy of praise. Like be as positive as you can when you do something worthwhile.
Treat yourself. Spoil yourself without feeling guilty; and don’t hold back for reasons like weight or level of deserving; or “I don’t need it.” Life is hard ― whether it be some ice cream; eating out; new clothes; a car wash; anything.
Be selfish sometimes. Giving is great; helping is great and being nice is great ― but sometimes it can be exhausting like especially when people aren’t reciprocating and are only taking. You aren’t a bad person for not doing what’s “decent” all the time; and you aren’t a bad person for saying no. In fact; setting boundaries is a wonderful way to establish your worth to yourself and others as well as what you will and won’t do.
Live your truth; be completely; totally; awesomely, and genuinely you. Be loud about who you are as a person. Don’t hold your individuality back, certainly don’t for the sake of others. You can spend your life trying to please everyone around you — it won’t work, I promise — and pretending to be someone you are not, or you can do what makes you happy and be your true self, drawing people that like you for you. You’are unique, specially handcrafted. Show it off; because the world needs more beautiful diversity.
Accept; accept ; accept. If you find it difficult; don’t worry. We all have been there. It’s not easy ((and some days it’s harder than others)); but it can help if you focus more on self acceptance first. Developing a mindset of “this is me, I can’t change who I am; so I might as well embrace it”.
But just dont pressure yourself with "self confidence". Remember learning to love who you are takes time. Just have faith in yourself. Hugs. ♡

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How do you make friends?

🌸; This is kinda hard question cause I dont myself either¿; Haha. well; I know making friends can be difficult sometimes but I think there are two things matters first is the personality. It matters. This is important. You have to make people feel like they matter. They do. Each person has their own interesting story or quirks and that has always been so interesting to me. Be warm; be genuine; be happy/positive and just be nice. — don't try too hard like when you try too hard to make friends; you make mistakes. Be yourself cause being you is enough. Just be calm and cool and introduce yourself. A simple “how are you” with a smile does wonders.

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Name a song that kills you every time you listen to it. ._.

Also this one.
🌸; The whole song is very poetic; but it resolves in this one bluntly delivered line.
‘Love is watching someone die' — giving you plenty of time to ponder the idea.
(( You can spend a lifetime trying to show somebody how much you love them. There are a thousand ways to express your feelings. But actions will always speak louder than words. Your final; and greatest chance to show somebody you love them; is in their last moments. Love is watching someone die )).

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