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Israeli millatary continues to be ruthless, ceaselessly bombing areas in Palestine...🇵🇸
Look at how dire the situation is in the Tel al-Halwa region.. Completely destroyed, obliterated due to the cruelty of Zionists.
The image depict Gaza city after the brutal bombings carried out by Israel during the ongoing occupation.💔💔💔💔💔🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸
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The online war is escalating ‼️
Israel is becoming increasingly radical in their efforts to block and delete any accounts that provide updates on the reality that is unfolding in Gaza.
Among the YouTube channels that have been banned now is Official Gaza Now.
Currently, they are targeting accounts Al-Jazeera, Al Araby TV, and all types of media, to hide the truth about the mass murders that Israel has been committing 😡
Let's take action by attacking and bashing the accounts of Zionist Laknatulah now!!!
#israelcuak #kitabolehmenang
#alaqsaflood #SavePalestine #GazaUnderAttack #FreePalestine #taufanalaqsa

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Hospitals should be safe places for treating illnesses & injuries, but...
When a father returns to the hospital with hopes of seeing his child recover... tears start flowing as he witnesses his child was 'ripped into pieces' oh Allah grant them jannah...😭
There is no safe place left in Gaza now. Israeli aircraft striked missile targetting Hospital Baptist known as "Ahly Arab" in Gaza!!!! 💔💔
#israelcuak #kitabolehmenang
#alaqsaflood #SavePalestine #GazaUnderAttack #FreePalestine #taufanalaqsa


No one directs violence to anyone in Israel. Israeli civilians are safe and sound in Palestinian homes, but the big heads of the Jews are the dogs and pigs who have begun to occupy a land that is not theirs, stealing its people, raping its women, and killing its children. 50 percent of Gaza is made up of children, women, and the elderly. They have been executed now during this war, and they have no involvement or responsibility in this war, because of the raids and missile attacks launched by the sons of bitches from the Israelis, while the Israeli civilians enjoy prosperity and security in Arab homes because this is what our Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, commanded us to do fourteen hundred years ago. In general, during the war, we must not cut down a tree, harm an animal, harm a child, an old woman, or a woman, and not destroy a land. Our war is with those who provide us with weapons, i.e. the soldiers and killers among our enemies...

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If you don’t mind me asking, were you born in the year of 2000, since it’s included in your username on here? If that’s the case or around that time, when did you officially start working as a pharmacist? 🥰

Sure thing, bud, happy to spill the beans😍
So, you're wonderin' about my birth year 😂 Well, let's just say I've got the digits from the year 2000 in my username, & yes I'm quite a Y2K baby 🤪 Now, when it comes to my journey as a pharmacist, it's been a bit of a wild ride.
I haven't officially hung up my shingle in the pharmacy world just yet 'cause I'm still in the midst of this specialty study gig(still a trainee 👀), and guess what? This is my last lap around the track 🥺, and thank the heavens for that. But here's the kicker – I've been getting my hands dirty in the pharmacy game for about five months now, getting some real-world know-how training in a community pharmacy. And you know what? Things are lookin' pretty good.
I've got this knack for prescribing meds like a pro, and I've got the lowdown on all the science stuff that comes with my specialty. When it comes to sniffing out diseases and making connections, well, let's just say I've got some supernatural talent in that department. I can hook folks up with the right meds like a matchmaker at a speed-dating event. And I ain't just stickin' to what they taught me in the books – I'm expanding my horizons, diving into international scientific tomes to soak up even more knowledge.
Here's a little secret: my love affair with medicine and all its related sciences started way back when I was a mere thirteen-year-old whippersnapper. I'd devour anything related to medicine, turning into a medical encyclopedia of sorts. I couldn't let a single specialization slip by without givin' it a read, and I wasn't just memorizing stuff; I was diving deep, tryin' to crack the code on the trickiest bits. I won't say I've got it all figured out, but I've busted my tail to get where I am today.
So there you have it, bud. I might not be officially clocked in as a pharmacist just yet, but I'm on the grind, learnin', hustlin', and growin' every step of the way. 📚🤓😍

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How do you feel about being a pharmacist? Have you always wanted to be one and what other jobs were you also interested in pursuing (if there were any)?

Being a pharmacist, my friend, it's more than just a job to me—it's my dream realized. See, I've always had this burning desire to make a difference, to have a hand in saving lives, but there was a catch. I've got this thing called OCD, which makes it tough for me to handle the direct exposure to diseases.
But then, I found my calling in pharmacy. It's like I stumbled upon this beautiful intersection where science meets compassion. I get to be a healer, a guardian of health, all while maintaining that necessary layer of protection from direct contamination. It's like being a superhero in a lab coat, ensuring the right medications find their way to the right people, at the right time.
Now, don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of adventures in other fields like graphic design, advertisement poster designing, and motion graphics. They let me express my creativity and connect with people in different ways. But pharmacy, it's where my heart truly found its home. It's where I get to be a part of something bigger, something profoundly meaningful.
So, to sum it up, being a pharmacist is my passion, my purpose, and my way of making a meaningful impact on this world, all while keeping my OCD at bay. 💊😍♥

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What do you think of those who are interested in and good at writing but they struggle with writing and comprehending poetry? Any advice?

Well, you know, writing and comprehending poetry can be a real puzzle, kind of like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube. But here's the deal, amigo: it's perfectly okay to struggle with it. Poetry's like a unique language, a blend of emotion and artistry, and not everyone's gonna be fluent right out the gate.
My advice? Don't throw in the towel. Instead, embrace the challenge. Start by reading various poets, explore different styles, and let their words wash over you like a cool breeze on a hot day. And when you write, don't stress about perfection; let your feelings flow onto the page.
Sometimes, poetry is about finding your own rhythm, your own voice. So, take your time, keep at it, and remember, even the best poets had to wrestle with words before they found their groove. It's all part of the journey 😍!
That's mighty impressive but I'm so creative in creating poems in Arabic language! Being a professional poet in the Arabic language is like holding a golden key to a treasure trove of literary beauty. Arabic poetry has a rich history, with its roots tracing back centuries. Did you know that Arabic poems were traditionally recited orally and passed down through generations before being written down? It's like a poetic legacy etched into the very soul of the language.
And hey, I'm all ears for your advice on Arabic poetry. I'd love to hear your insights and guidance on crafting verses that resonate with the heart and soul. Poetry is a journey, and learning from someone with your expertise in Arabic poetry would be a true honor. So, share away, my poetic friend, and let's dive deeper into the world of words and verses 😍

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Are you religious? If yes, what made you want to be religious in the first place?

I'm not that indeed religious, but I found the beauty of Islam in the depths of its teachings and the serenity of its practices. It's like discovering a hidden treasure chest filled with wisdom, compassion, and a profound connection to the divine.
Islam isn't just a set of rules; it's a way of life that encourages kindness, charity, and gratitude. It's the tranquility of prayer, the unity of fasting during Ramadan, and the warmth of community in the mosque. It's a source of guidance in times of confusion and solace in moments of despair.
In a world often filled with chaos, Islam provides me with a sense of purpose, grounding me in faith and reminding me of the importance of empathy and humility. So, what made me want to be religious? It's the beauty of Islam itself, offering a path to a more meaningful and spiritually fulfilling life...
You know, I ain't no saint, and I've stumbled along the way, making my fair share of mistakes and sins. But here's the incredible thing about Islam: it teaches us about Allah's boundless mercy and forgiveness.
Every time I slip up, it's a reminder of my humanity, my imperfections. And strangely, that very awareness draws me closer to my religion. It's like Allah's gentle way of saying, "Come back, I'm here to guide you."
In the moments of remorse and repentance, I find myself turning to prayer, seeking forgiveness, and striving to be a better person. It's like a continuous journey of self-improvement, with each sin acting as a stepping stone toward spiritual growth.
So, yeah, I've got my flaws and have made my share of mistakes, but I believe that Allah's grace and love shine even brighter in those moments when I seek His forgiveness and strive to walk a better path ♥

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Quote you always remember?

Nadialaylaxoxo’s Profile PhotoNadia Layla
Quotes have a way of stickin' with me like a catchy tune. Here's a few that have made a mark:
1. "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs
2. "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." - Martin Luther King Jr.
3. "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
4. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." - Franklin D. Roosevelt
5. "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon
6. "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt
7. "Don't count the days; make the days count." - Muhammad Ali
These are like nuggets of wisdom that remind us of the beauty, courage, and resilience that's within us all. 🌟📜💪

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Why do people think it’s okay to continue the same behavior even after they’ve been asked to stop?

It's like this, bud: some folks can be as stubborn as a mule, and change can be a tough nut to crack. It's like telling someone to switch up their groove – they might resist 'cause they're comfy in their old dance. But here's the kicker: patience can be your secret weapon. Keep on nudgin' 'em, show 'em a different tune, and sometimes, they'll come around when they realize that change ain't such a bad beat after all. So, yeah, people can be a bit hard-headed, but with a sprinkle of understanding and a dash of persistence, you might just help 'em find a new rhythm! 💃🏼🤷🏼‍♀️

Is there any loyalty left in anyone

Well, let me tell ya something straight from the heart. In a world that sometimes feels like it's spinning too fast, loyalty ain't no myth; it's a precious gem that still shines bright. Picture it like this: when the chips are down, and you're in the deepest ditch, there are folks out there who'll stand by you, no matter what. They're like the steady compass in the stormy sea of life, guiding you when the waves get rough. So, yeah, loyalty's alive and kickin', and when you find it, it's like discovering a hidden oasis in the desert – rare, but oh so worth it! ♥

Do you sometimes worry that you'll never meet the right person?

I used to stress about never findin' the right one, but then, I stumbled upon this amazing person who fits me like a glove. Now, I don't sweat it because I've got that special someone by my side, and it's like finding the last puzzle piece that completes the picture. So, if you're feelin' those worries, just remember, sometimes life's got a funny way of bringing you exactly what you need when you least expect it ♥🙈
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Can someone feel secure within themselves but also seek validation from others?

Absolutely! You see, it's like this: feeling secure within yourself and wanting a little validation from others ain't mutually exclusive, it's kinda like rockin' your favorite kicks and still appreciatin' when someone says, "Hey, those shoes look rad!" It's all 'bout balance...
Being confident in who you are while still diggin' a little validation from your pals, that's just keepin' it real. So, don't sweat it – you can be your awesome self and still enjoy a sprinkle of validation from time to time. It's all good in the hood!
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what would say your greatest achievement is up to this point in your life?

I've been fortunate to achieve some pretty awesome stuff & I'm so proud of Allah's power to achieve them, but the one that truly made my dreams come true, deep down in my heart, has to be my 100% stable emotional life with my dream person which is now my own ♥ & my educational journey. Getting thise degrees was like unlocking the door to a world of opportunities, Alhamdulellah 🎓🌟🙌
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Do you believe in white supremacy? Support your answer with a lengthy argument on why it is or is not correct.

I absolutely do not believe in white supremacy, and here's why, no ifs, ands, or buts. It goes against the fundamental principles of equality and respect for all individuals, regardless of their race or ethnicity. In today's diverse world, promoting one race as superior to others is not just morally wrong, but it also undermines the strength of multiculturalism and the contributions of people from all backgrounds. We should be celebrating our differences, learning from each other, and working together to create a more inclusive and equitable society. Anything less is just plain wrong, and there's no two ways about it. 🙅🏼‍♀️🚫


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