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Hi Renae! Just wondering is it possible for foreigners to work in TSL? Like Julian is from Philippines, right? I'm sorry for bombarding questions like this ;_; it's just that I am really interested to work there in the future. Anyway I hope you have a nice day! Stay #blessed.

hi there! i can't speak officially on TSL's behalf but you can scroll to the bottom of their webpage and look for the "jobs" or "internship" links, depending on what you're looking for, for more legit information haha. and their official contact info so you can get proper answers for serious enquiries!

it's also about what position you're after (writing for editiorial/video team/creative e.g. photography and design) so yeah. build up your portfolio in the relevant area of specialisation and if you've really got what it takes, your nationality shouldn't be a huge determining factor to worry about in future when you really get to applying!

good luck!! and you stay #blessed too hehe

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Do you feel inferior amongst your other classmates because you graduate 1 year after them and will be older when you graduate poly? (I am retaking Os again too and I feel like that all the time :( )

In the beginning, definitely. Especially when you're bombarded by news of how all your close friends got into the course that they wanted, and social media posts of how much fun they're having at orientation camps, starting their new journey in education etc.

But one of my secondary school classmates (the few who didn't judge me and deem me a failure just coz i was the only one in the cohort who had to retake, BLESS HER) told me, "it's not a race, it's a marathon".

Chiong so fast for what, if the destination isn't something you want wholeheartedly?

Although it was painful and I had to deal with a lot of shit from my peers, my family, and even myself as I doubt whether I'd even be able to make it into my dream course despite one extra year, I just clenched my teeth for that one year and made sure it wouldn't be 365 days "wasted".

Coz once you put yourself on the path you're supposed to be on, everything seems like it was meant to be.

Also, one of the bitches who used to give me shit for "falling behind" by a year? She quit her course after Year 1 coz she realised she didn't like it. Haha! Dumb bitch. jks lol

Plus, I felt a bit out of place when I first got into my poly dream course and most of my classmates were a year younger than me. But 4 years later, they're some of my closest friends that I'll cherish for life and they've taught me so much!

Age, years, time. All these are just numbers and illusions that are man-made.

In the grand scheme of things, go after what your heart desires and only then you'll be truly happy.

Good luck!! And try not to care so much about what your peers think/say :) YOU'RE gonna be the boss ass bitch slaying your 'O' levels this year, and subsequently going on to do great things, not them. Don't let a bunch of randos affect what you do with YOUR wonderful life <3

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I'm vying the biotech course!! Even though I'm quite bad at at chem but I'm unexpectedly okay in bio and it has always been my interest! Do you think I should give it up? :(

yoooo that sounds dope. i've always had mad respect for people who possess both aptitude in and interest for STEM subjects, coz im absolutely trash at maths and science lol.

being both interested and good at something like biotechnology is no fucking joke. you're gonna do so much good for the world and you're gonna save lives, doing what naturally makes YOU happy.

try not to worry about whether your interest will be remain even if you manage to get into the course. especially if school work gets tough, you are probs gonna question whether THIS is what you wanna do for the rest of your life. truth is, nobody will ever know for sure what their passion is gonna be 10 years down the road, or even 7 days later. so it kinda sucks that us youths are forced to pick a path while we're still young and dumb and fickle as hell.
the best thing we can do now is to pick whatever seems most suitable. if curve balls introduce themselves later on in life, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. but please know that should you ever decide to change your mind, it is NEVER "too late" to hop off one path and start carving out a whole new future in whatever new thing you've identified as something that thrills you and gives you a sense of purpose. time would not have been "wasted" on a choice that you made in the past which seemed right at the time. there's still so much life ahead of us, and we'd be fools not to actively chase whatever makes us happy, even if those things may keep changing back and forth!

you're one of the lucky ones who have identified what makes you tick, and so early in your life too. so keep your eyes on the prize and chase after it with everything you've got. i swear to god i'd rather you study biotech privately if that's what it takes. it truly doesn't matter whether you can get into a "good school", so long as you are actively learning the subject matter in whatever institute you may be in.

please please please do not apply for some back-up course that you have no genuine interest in. it doesn't even matter that, upon graduation, you might not even want to enter the industry of this "diploma for the sake of it" cert that you've got. to go through 3 whole years learning something you don't even like, and constantly imagining how your whole future could be different if you'd done what had to be done to unlock certain doors leading to the path you were meant to be on? that is a nightmare that should fuel you enough to GRIND LIKE CRAZY just to avoid making that mistake.

good luck once again and i hope everything works out TERRIFICALLY for you!! :))

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Have you ever been with a girl?

no. i just love dick way too much and it's all i wanna be filled with lol <3

and i probably will never engage in a threesome/orgy where im not the only girl. simply coz i'm fucking selfish lol DO I LOOK LIKE I WANNA SHARE MY MEAT WIT ANOTHER BITCH??

Although! i can't tell you the sheer number of people throughout my adolescence who have not only suggested but INSISTED that i am les/bi. i just happen to be extremely affectionate towards my close female friends, coz i genuinely love them so so so so much and i can never express it enough haha. i also lay it on THICK with the compliments if i happen to come across some chick with beauty/style/personality/brains that i truly deem worthy of recognition, appreciation and !praise!

like, it doesn't cost anything to just tell a girl, whether it's one of my closest friends or a random person i happen to be in the same class with, that i think she's hella fuckin dope. doesn't mean i wanna dive 2 ft deep into her pu$$y wit no goggles on lol

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Are you studying in a private university or a local Uni?


apparently my diploma with merit and 3.788 GPA weren't Good Enough™ to spend 4 years of my youth at NUS or NTU learning what i'd already been taught the fundamentals of throughout my 3 years of polytechnic education along with the 9 months worth of real-world experience from an internship in the national leading platform of the industry i wish to be in when i graduate! :-D

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Were you more of a good kid or more of a bad kid?😂

lolololol this can best be summed up with the following quote: "the strictest parents breed the sneakiest kids"

i had an abnormally sheltered childhood. i was also very timid and obedient, especially towards my adult family members and teachers at school. some mixture of great respect plus a tinge of fear made Young Me want to "be good" to grownups all the time

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What is your goal? What you want to be in future?

To do what I love and makes me happy and earn a decent living off of it. Live a simple but comfortable life, nothing too extravagant but filled with little treats to make each day gr8. Surround myself with people whom I love and care about.

Throughout my depressed childhood and adolescences, those factors have always been my end goal. And the crazy thing is, I'm ALREADY living it. I used to think I'd only reach it when I'm a "proper" adult (think 30s and onwards lol) but no. This is my life now. And it's only going to get better. I'm very, very thankful :)

Tip: It's always about recognizing and actively appreciating even the tiniest of blessings! It will change your entire mindset, I swear.

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Hey was wondering why I cant follow you on Instagram (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`). Maybe u blocked me, username is @jasoncheongjc.

lol omg that emoticon is fucking fantastic. and ya, there was a period of time i'd block 90% of new followers who were strangers, ESPECIALLY if they seemed young (like lower sec age and under) and ESPECIALLY if they were little girls. i was so burdened by the fear that they'd be influenced by me to go suck dicks or smth lol IDK. but anywhozzles! i've unblocked u huehuehue have fun

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What is your current occupation?

I'm finishing up on my second semester of uni! Full-time communications student. Was writing freelance for TSL during my freshman semester but then my school workload just got crazy and I had to prioritize it more :') Even though my articles were written from home, I needed to dedicate ample blocks of time to do Absolutely Nothing so as to preserve my sanity huehuehue

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Thank you so much for the encouragements and the tips! Really appreciate it very much!! I'm retaking pure chem and emath. Really hope I can pull it up to an A to get into the course I want :(

No prob :) What course are you vying for?

What i wish i knew during the year of my private O levels is that, in the grand scheme of things, shit like chemistry equations and fucking TRIGONOMETRY won't matter in your daily life. don't even talk about years down the road when it comes to major life happenings concerning love, family, your adult life in general. it's not even going to account for anything ONE YEAR from the day you sit for the paper. unless you're aiming for a science- or math-related course.

i kept punishing myself any moment that wasn't spent mugging for the exams, to the point where i didn't enjoy anything in my life. so that year was spent either studying, or not studying but STRESSING about studying nonetheless. not worth it to suffer this much just to lead to a couple of hours in an exam hall, some tinkering around in the chem lab. and boom. it's all done and dusted. you might as well have enjoyed the past year of your life :)

so yeah. find what works for you and make sure you're doing enough. but don't forget to take good care of your own needs for fun and relaxation, treat yourself from time to time! i believe in you okay!! all the best, i am rooting for ya :)

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so what are the tips you'ld give for someone soon private Os? Also, do you think that it's possible to go from a fail to an A? (Am retaking private Os and some days I just feel so tired that I'm trying so hard)

If you're doing private, how are you preparing? When I retook maths and science, I studied science completely on my own and got tuition for maths only for the last 2 months leading up to the paper. You need to figure out which process is gonna suit your style most: attending a fixed "class" like formal tuition, hiring a private tutor (which i honestly think would be the best but i didn't have money fo dat), or 100% self-study. the last one requires a SHIT TON of discipline, which i did not have. you are basically left to your own devices and, even though i tried drawing up a study plan, i let my weeks and then months slip away and realized one day i hadn't even revised ONE full chapter. it was a mess.

Going from a fail to an A: what subject are we talking about here? i think for maths, it's possible. coz it's one of those subjects where the answer is fixed and it's possible to get 100/100 provided you know all the formulae and understand how to solve problems belonging to each topic. for things like language, it'd be very very difficult. for subjects like science, history, etc., hard memorisation can probably get you to 70% minimum, since you have so much time to drill it into your head.

how many subjects are you retaking?

i know it's tiring af, and this is easier said than done coz your entire life right now is about THIS finishing line, but try to remind yourself every time you feel stressed out that o levels is just o levels. it's not the be all end all. keep your happy and sane, and squeeze in blocks of study time appropriately. october will come soon enough and then you'll be free to get this all the fuck over with :)

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You are back ??

i never left. i just refuse to answer dumb ass questions that are sent in by anonymous internet weirdos lol

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Any advice for those retaking their olevels since you retook it before?

yes, SO MUCH advice lol. it really depends tho, on factors like what subjects you're retaking, whether you're repeating a school year or doing it privately. but my general advice would be to identify the gaps in your knowledge that caused you to fail and make sure to FILL THOSE IN. aim for about 30% of the subject to be an all-out EXPERT on, 50% to be good enough at understanding that you won't just stare blankly at the exam paper, and the remaining 20%, if you REEEALLY can't grasp it even with a whole year of a second chance to understand it, just give up and don't beat yourself up too much about it haha

depending on what path you're heading down post-secondary school, i can almost assure you it won't matter. so just aim to do well enough to get the goddamn cert and hopefully progress to the next step of your life that you actually WANT, i.e go to a poly course that's relevant to what you want your future career to be.

as for those who are aiming to attend junior college, i have no words for you coz i personally HATED the formal schooling system and i can't relate to why anyone would wanna go through another 2 years of it. at a more difficult level somemore, wtf.

good luck tho lol

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happy valentines, you gonna get pounded tonight?

HAHAHAHAH OMG. nice one but no, actually. my hoeing is kept strictly professional and smashing on a day like this (even tho it's just a regular ol' tuesday for me tbh hehe except for the dreaded sight of happy couples feelin' each other up on the train and girls who are !not me! proudly parading their oversized and overpriced bouquet of flowers plus ostentatious "I ❤ U" balloons which are, quite frankly, a public safety hazard. especially with the extreme windiness Singapore has been experiencing as of late, is2g if im just Oot & Aboot™ doing wtv stuff i've got on in public and some bitch's balloons fly all up in my face.......jesus take the wheel, the entire wheel, and NOTHING BUT THE WHEEL coz imma be cashing her ousside howbowdah) would be too emotionally risky!

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Your biggest achievement?😃

gosh, idk if i should be saying this haha. i know it's quite dark and heavy but...honestly my biggest achievement in life thus far was having the strength to overcome my struggles with depression and anxiety in the past, and not going through with my numerous suicide attempts. i mean, without that "achievement" i wouldn't even be alive right now, sitting here and answer this question. so yeah, i would say it was the biggest :)

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Your biggest motivation?

idk if this can be considered a motivation per se, but the most important thing to me is to live life with as much gratitude as i can possibly muster. so every day i wake up, i try to be mindful of this and in so doing, i really try very hard to apply nothing but love, gratitude and positivity to all aspects of my life be it my relationships with other ppl, my thoughts and feelings, school, work, etc etc. hehe :))

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Wah!! Sleeping beauty sleep more then 10 hours leh 😂😂


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what socks do you wear?

the regular...kind..?? ?.. um

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I'm in love with your voice dear 😍

gasp! thank you so much, you're really sweet :))

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What's your favorite saying?

i have a LOT of favourite sayings, but one that has been really relevant in my life as of late is "happiness is the best form of revenge". true shit, yo.

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Sure no problem 😀 haven sleep yet? Schooling tomorrow?


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Gorgeous How was your day today?

it was pretty swaggy tenks for asking xo

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If I get $50 on the floor definitely I will pass it to charity .. I don't keep it 😟

nice, congratulations on having a kind and charitable heart. keep up the good work (Y)

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Haha nothing nothing .. I cannot call you gorgeous meh? 😥

ok then much thanks u r very kind hope u find $50 on da floor today :))) xo

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