Ask @reneedublin:

What is that mean when you can't get someone out from your mind?

I don't know. But.
Maybe it means that person is one of your "could-bes," AKA a person who is a possible match for your soul. But I believe for a perfect love to begin (and I define "perfect love" here not as like, "oh~~ that person is perfect/he has no flaws/ i shall love HIM forever/ etc.") the stars must align.

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hi ngano gwapa ko?

*philosophizes answer*
Because you're human, and you so, so, so much potential, Beloved. You're beautiful because you are so, so, so painfully limited, so broken, but still capable of so much good.
You're capable of evil, too, but that's part of our design. It's okay. We can make art out of our broken pieces. Our fingers will bleed when we pick ourselves up, our shattered remnants agonizing. But it will be worth it.

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Bakit kaya tayo sinasaktan ng taong mahal natin?

Because we're human, and we're intrinsically broken. We're flawed. We make mistakes, mistakes that we never intend to make. Because pain is part of and necessary in life and growth. Because life is suffering, and to be human is to suffer. Because we love them, and they hurt us. Because they just do. But.
Isn't it worth it, though, in the end? When you push past the pain. When you learn something from it. When, years down the road, you finally start to get the inkling that the pain was leading you somewhere, to something, to someone, even to BE someone.
And love is always worth it, despite the pain, I think.
But what do I know? I know nothing.

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If you could offer a newborn child only one piece of advice, what would it be?

I don't want to offer advice to a newborn child. I'd rather leave the bits and pieces of wisdom for the babe as they grow.
Offering "advice" for a newborn is more your own yearnings for who you want them to be - not necessarily to control them, but... just to see them thrive and flourish.

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