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I don't think I have the patience to play the first Witcher. Everything about it so far is boring me to death. Is the second game an improvement? Should I just skip to Witcher 3 or is that gonna mess up my understanding of the story? I wanna love this world like everyone else!

The story is pretty fucking labrynthine no matter what, but you can skip the first witcher entirely imo (in fact it makes 2 and 3 make more sense, as Triss is a real piece of shit in the first but suddenly you're buds in the second).

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DUDE just tell gearbox or someone to make zerhys (zer0/rhys) canon bc that ship, lemme tell u, it has a lot of potential


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Is it insensitive to be hurting over your own problems when someone else with greater problems is hurting too?

No. It's natural and fine to feel pain about stuff in your own life. It's impossible not to, as well-- can you imagine getting dumped by trying to FORCE yourself not to feel sad because other countries are undergoing civil war?

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What's your go-to game when you feel like playing something but you browse your games and nothing seems to do the trick? Basically, what's your gaming equivalent of comfort food?

Dark Souls

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Can you recommend some books on feminism for a former "Hello M'Lady" type of guy trying to better himself?

I hear The Geek Feminist is good, and I can vouch for Feminism is for Everybody

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Daniel Radcliffe hits on you what do?

Peter Flynn

give twenty points to gryffindor

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Full Metal Alchemist cosplay in Dark Souls 3:


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I was looking through my old things, and I was reminded that your review of Mad Dog McCree is one of the best 10 videos on all of YouTube. Amazing job with that one :D

wallid h fielding

thanks much

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How important is harsh difficulty to a game being fun? I was mostly bored playing BL2 (not a slam, I stupidly didn't play co-op) with only the writing pulling me through, but my True Vault Hunter mode run I seriously got into it. Same with hating FL4 & liking Survival Mode (though that's crushing me

I mean, it's different for different people. I'm at the point where normal difficulty games don't do anything for me. I feel like a guy who's so desensitized to porn he has to watch stuff with horses.

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I named one of my succulents after you. I call it my Plant'hon the Porch.

nice nice nice

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So notch is being a huge prick about how "mansplaining" is a sexist term to shut down men and calling people c-words and stuff, if you want to check his twitter. In case you needed the image of another cool, respectable guy shattered by reality

cool cool cool

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Any thoughts on the new Doom? I actually like that the campaign takes the tone/story of Doom 3, but with the main character being an angry Doom/Doom 2 protag. It basically shows how silly it is to try and take the premise serious at all.

It's incredible. Both for the reasons you mentioned, and because it actually cares about a basic core loop to the combat that promotes aggression and movement rather than cover and shit.

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As far as I know, Anita's input on Mirror's Edge Catalyst was pretty minor. Regardless, do you think her name being associated with the game has any chance of harming its sales? You know how people are sometimes...

I'd never even heard about this before, so I wouldn't think so.

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I love to write for people. I love to make emotions merge in my stories. I just wonder. Is it vital that I change the way I write, for people to love my work? I see people like, sexual writing. (BDSM blah). People ask for this and I don't know what to do. But I want them to luv my work, jusw/o that.

If you're not writing, at least partially, to make yourself happy -- unless you've somehow managed to make a good living doing so -- you're kind of wasting your time.

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Why you bad mouth Arthur? That show was okay.


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I went out and learned the essentials of Game Maker Studio and feel confident enough that I could create anything I need to make. And yet, here I am, staring at a blank editor with the same realization that hit me when I got my first video camera: This is really, really hard. hawlp pls

Take an existing genre you like and make a super simple version of it with a twist. start there.

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From one pro wrestling fan to another, I want to ask... What do you say to those "don't you know wrestling is fake?" people?

"so is game of thrones"

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anthony this is really important ok I need to know what tiny kitten's name is

Big Dad

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For NoWrongWayToPlay: playing Dark Souls without rolling, blocking, or parrying.


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Who's your favorite wrestler this week?

The New Day, forever.

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I have one question for you. I hope this isn't a question constantly repeated because, even in my case, that's extremely aggravating. But, What would you say, Handsome Jack's ethnicity is?


I think he's white.

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Why are you so Attractive ? how do I stop myself from being attracted to you ? XD


listen to anything i say for more than eight minutes

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Tiny Tina saved my life. Thank you. (and Ashly)

I'm glad we could help in some way.

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Hey Anthony, are there plans to continue with the HAWPcast?


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In your experience, how much does fan feedback play into improving games in terms of progressive content? If you want to see, say, more diversity, is there any value to trying to communicate that directly to company? Or is stirring up controversy in the community really the only way?

Companies don't listen to individual people unless you have a really awesome, emotionally affecting story to tell.

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