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I don't think I have the patience to play the first Witcher. Everything about it so far is boring me to death. Is the second game an improvement? Should I just skip to Witcher 3 or is that gonna mess up my understanding of the story? I wanna love this world like everyone else!

The story is pretty fucking labrynthine no matter what, but you can skip the first witcher entirely imo (in fact it makes 2 and 3 make more sense, as Triss is a real piece of shit in the first but suddenly you're buds in the second).

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How important is harsh difficulty to a game being fun? I was mostly bored playing BL2 (not a slam, I stupidly didn't play co-op) with only the writing pulling me through, but my True Vault Hunter mode run I seriously got into it. Same with hating FL4 & liking Survival Mode (though that's crushing me

I mean, it's different for different people. I'm at the point where normal difficulty games don't do anything for me. I feel like a guy who's so desensitized to porn he has to watch stuff with horses.

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