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Will there be a room inspection/luggage check when I move in? Also am I allowed to freely bring in a 24 pack in a box without any issues?

Sorry for the late reply! As you may know by now, there's no luggage check. Yes, alcohol is permitted if not bought in excess. So, don't buy a keg or mini-keg, or hard alcohol in anything more than a 26er.

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So, I have been hearing a lot of different answers about bedding and sheet sizes some people say twin and some people say twin xl, but im in thompson, what are the bed sizes and should we get twin or twin xl sheets?

Hi! So, the beds in Thompson (as well as in Marchand and Stanton) are Twin XL. However, regular twin sheets for as well. I have a twin bed sheet last year and it fit fine! It's a bit harder to get the sheets on at first, but once they're on you can't even tell the difference. So, if you can't find twin XL sheets, then get regular twin sheets!
-Thompson Rep

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I'm in 90U and I was wondering when the best time would be to get to Ottawa (even if it's before move-in dates) for 101 week or if there's any other type of orientation week that I should be there for.

There are both math and science work shops that are held the two weeks prior to move-in, if getting a glimpse at what kind of work and studies you would be doing during the year if that's program its a good idea! You should receive an email sometime mid-to late June for signing up for the workshops.
If that's not something that interests you or they don't have it for you program, 101 week is the 5th of September to the 12th of september. Its during your first week of classes, so if you want to enjoy your frosh week but get a hand of what around camps, I would suggest you apply for the early move-in days which allow you to move in up to 3 days prior to move-in weekend.

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For Marchand Rep: are we going to have a floor meeting and intro with the new incoming exchange students?

Sorry for the late response! You've presumably had a floor meeting already with your CA and they should have introduced the new students. If not, reach out and if you see a new face, introduce yourself and get to know one another!
- MR

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