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are they better for you?

they're getting there.. I have my rough times, but things are getting better.

sometimes I wish I had cancer so people will let me die peacefully, and not make me feel bad because Its not my fault

That's terrible.. Live your life, things will get better.

I want to overdose on cipralex right now

man, it's not worth it.. like think about everything you're going to do in the future. you don't have to live like you are right now if you don't want to, get a job, hangout with people who make you happy, ignore the negative people, save up and do what you want. go on vacation, move out, buy a car. do whatever you want, just hang in there and things will get better i promise. ive overdosed three times, now my liver is fucked up and it's the probably one of the most embarrassing and painful things you'll ever do. think about how your parents will feel when they find out.. and your friends, all in the emergency room wondering what they did wrong. things will get better, everything will change. Go to a doctor, talk to your parents and people that love you, seek help and I promise you things will get better. Just look at things with a different perspective. I'm always here to talk to

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did the overdose on ciperlex hurt when it started kicking in, was it pain full or did you get really tired?

uhh i kind of mixed a ton of ciprelex with a bunch of prescription sleeping pills so I kind of got tired at first, then i was like tripping out and gagging... Idk kept blacking out. Not fun.

are you out of the mental hospital? what was wrong?

Yeah I got released at a realllly bad time lol & a lot of shit.. but it's fine

Send me a pic, I'll let you know. But I doubt you'd ever look fat ;) your a cutie tho

Going to have to pass on that one, anon

Don't hate them!! Show them because that would make your cute figure even better :)

boobs make me look fat I think, so I just hate them lol but thankssss :)

Well they look smaller than that js, but I'm a guy so I wouldn't know lol

I wear bandeaus, braless 95% of the time so they look smaller bc I hate having boobs. whoops

Rhiannon you're beautiful and don't deserve what these people are saying to you.. Like fuck them, they don't even know you, cause you aren't fat at all. Despite what you think about yourself. You aren't disgusting or a bitch so don't ever think that they're right at all. You should be here bb xo

aw i love you xx thanks bb


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