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I want to overdose on cipralex right now

man, it's not worth it.. like think about everything you're going to do in the future. you don't have to live like you are right now if you don't want to, get a job, hangout with people who make you happy, ignore the negative people, save up and do what you want. go on vacation, move out, buy a car. do whatever you want, just hang in there and things will get better i promise. ive overdosed three times, now my liver is fucked up and it's the probably one of the most embarrassing and painful things you'll ever do. think about how your parents will feel when they find out.. and your friends, all in the emergency room wondering what they did wrong. things will get better, everything will change. Go to a doctor, talk to your parents and people that love you, seek help and I promise you things will get better. Just look at things with a different perspective. I'm always here to talk to

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