Ask @ria1799jain:

Indians & hindu sab Randi maa ke bache hai please unfollow & block every Indian & show them how much we hate them ek ek Hindustani ka sar qalam karke Kashmir wapas lenge insha Allah ❤ please report every indian I'd you see & block them now. 1 nhi 1000 kasab aayenge Hindustan se revenge lene❤

Look let me tell you that by sending these stupid questions to people you are not going to get anything..
People love Indians from their heart not because they are forced to love..
And do you really think killing will provide you with the solution..Coz according to me it won’ you can’t stop the growing population.!
All this shows your standard much insecure you are about your country and your countrymen..
I don’t need to prove my love towards my country..
And always remember when you give respect you earn respect..
Hate destroys everything and that is what is happening up there your hatred has crossed all boundaries..Believe me love can heal up not hatred..
Because happiness increases by sharing love..not by sharing hatred..:)

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