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Should I get a tattoo? Undecided 🤔🤷🏻‍♂️

Jo3ythorn3’s Profile PhotoJo3ythorn3
If you feel comfortable with that, and you definitely want it, go ahead. But if there's even a smidge of doubt - think it over.

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What would be your immediate action after experiencing a paranormal activity at your place? ☠

To text a friend or something to come over ahah

What's everybody's plans for valentines day?🙂

chelseathorpe0’s Profile Photochelsea
Absolutely nothing for the actual day! But I'm going to my partner's tomorrow to surprise them with ice cream and fast food!
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I would think you'd wany a big family since you have a lot of siblings

Honestly, this question fucks me up. I have two big sisters, one of which has kids, I love them, they're amazing, and it makes me think I want my own one day. But then the other side of me doesn't want any. On the other hand, I do want a family - meaning my biological family and a partner.
This was long, I'm sorry!

If you could change the color of the sky, would color would it be 🌌?

I have synesteshia so the cars kinda remind me of a dark blue shade, and it makes me feel warm. So dark blue!

How do you help your friends when they're feeling low?

I hug them, tell them it'll be okay, let them cry, let them talk and repeat.

What makes a relationship fail?

It can vary from a lot of things, if your partner isn't trying, if they seek attention constantly, if they don't talk much. There's tons of reasons.


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