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Think of it in terms of George Osborne, lets disregard David for now. It is my firm belief that he should be at the very least a qualified accountant in his role. What experience has he got in balancing the books? Has he ever held a position as CFO? So why trust him in this position?

OK, you raise an interesting and important point about our political structure, and that is that heads of government departments - regardless of ideology - are generalists. While a lot of lawyers, doctors, economists etc do enter the political system, a lot of the time are posted to jobs outside of their specialty, and that needs to be addressed.
In regards George Osborne... well, I'd like to think there's a dedicated team of civil servants that advise him on policy, but I've a distinct lack of faith in the civil service's abilities to act totally impartially in light of the fiasco over Virgin Trains. Returning to Osborne specifically, his general programme of deficit reduction and a pruned down state broadly appeals to me. The implementation has been lacking somewhat, to my dismay.

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Why do you have such a high opinion of yourself when you are quite clearly socially challenged (particularly when it comes to women, although a lack of body confidence probably has something to do with that)?

lol, wtf?!
This question came across as pretty confrontational. I wouldn't say I have a high opinion of myself on a personal level; rather, I feel my work is Not Complete Shit and thus deserves a bigger airing than I feel it gets at the moment. I'd be intrigued as to know why you feel I'm thinking highly of myself?
I've actually had a history of feeling quite bad about myself (high school was very tough socially) and yeah, I'm indeed socially awkward; my introverted nature is certainly at play there. Mentioning "body confidence" and issues with women shows you're missing the point or don't really know me; sure, I suppose body confidence is a low-lying issue for me but not in regards to women as I'm actually asexual.
And I'm happy about that.
Intrigued as to who asked this as it's a pretty deep dissection by the looks of it. Bit saddened that whoever posted this doesn't seem to know me as well as I'd like.

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How many people do you consider your "best friends?"

A few. I don't really have "best friends" per se; though there are a few people I'd say I can talk more deeply to.
Yes, some of them are IRL and some are interweb people.

Could you live without a computer?

Probably, though my wrist would kill me.
(Because I'd have to write long-hand; get your mind out of the gutter!) :-P

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