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Do we become happy only when we meet the one we love?

No! What is it with this tired notion that people need to be paired up to be truly happy?! I've been happily single for 24 years. Love it.
Sure, people can be happy when in a relationship but that doesn't mean single people are inherently unhappy. There.
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You're planning a nice dinner party but could only invite 3 people. Who would you invite?

Ooh, easy. My good (IRL) friends Elliot and Dan, and Jake. :-P
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What do you think of the recent ruckus Richard Dawkins has caused? Do you agree? If not, can you see where he's coming from?

I'm gathering this is in reference to his comments that it is "immoral" to allow Downs syndrome babies to be carried full-term. I wouldn't want to speculate on making such a generic statement but it's definitely the parents choice. If a couple decide to abort a baby because it is found it has Downs, I don't disagree as the intention of not making that child go unnecessarily through a very tough life is noble, in my view. Definitely it's case-by-case; some parents may feel they're obliged to look after the baby despite the condition, some may feel they should, for want of a better word, "put it out of its misery". Those that chose the latter are not monsters.
Now, nobody shoot me. :-P
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Any other writing styles you wish to try or take up other than prose? (e.g. Scriptwriting, poetry etc)

SwordandHammer’s Profile PhotoJake Donbavand
I've written scripts before, but nothing serious. I don't really enjoy writing to the screenplay format; I find it too restrictive and concise almost, as if the building of the fictional world is taken out of my hands as the writer and the realisation palmed off to some incompetent director. I'm very protective of my imaginary constructs:-P
I'd love to give writing a radio-play a go! I've very brief plans for a comedic radio play series called "Las Cantinas" set in the bar of a space-colony on the frontiers; nothing original in that premise but I'm sure I could have some fun with it! Gonna develop it with some like-minded individuals in 2014!
Poetry... nah, I'm not a very poetic writer. Haven't you realised that already?! ;-)
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Can you name one place or culture that you would love to visit and experience?

I've given this some thought... I'd love to go to China and see both the hyper-successful parts and how they compete with (and copy) my Western cultural aspects and the more poorer, rural but arguably more culturally-authentic parts of China. Both would be a great contrast to what I'm used to and I think I'd learn a lot.
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If you had a child with superpowers, and the super power was to be a rabid dog, would you put it down?

You make the crazy assertion I'm having kids... :-P
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I see what you did there...but unfortunately due to recent events he cannot :P how about that Mars landing though?! How long do you think it'll be? You did write your own version of ;)

If Mankind can put aside it's petty squabbles here on Earth and put it's mind to it, I don't see why a Mars landing during my lifetime (or at least this century) can't happen. It's all a matter of priorities. There's a massive universe out there, so massive it's hard to imagine, with possibilities and wonders infinite. As a species, we've got to stop the infighting over petty reasons such as politics and religion and look to the stars.
That said, I think there's some cultural aspects here on Earth that should stay there, frankly.
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You totally wriggled out of that, which I am sure I said you couldn't do. Jake or Edward? and you are well aware of the context of the question

Wriggled out? Surely not; rather, I climbed a step-ladder to safety!
Neither are characters I can or want to relate to. Ask me proper questions, not pointless things about this fetid bullshit!
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Jake or Edward? And no you aren't allowed to wriggle out of it

Oh please, neither of these dullard characters to whom I've no connection to either. And what's with this moronic, tribal "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob" stuff; why must fandoms take sides all the time?
To (technically) answer: Jake, on the basis of assuming you're referring to my awesome Twitter-friend Jake. :-D
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