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Well let's hope it doesn't distract you from TWE hey? ;)

Depends on the calibre/frequency of the questions I guess...

:O you have an account! What happened to not getting a permanent account? ;)

I dunno, it was like 3AM? This'll prove a worthy distraction for about five minutes lol

Think of it in terms of George Osborne, lets disregard David for now. It is my firm belief that he should be at the very least a qualified accountant in his role. What experience has he got in balancing the books? Has he ever held a position as CFO? So why trust him in this position?

OK, you raise an interesting and important point about our political structure, and that is that heads of government departments - regardless of ideology - are generalists. While a lot of lawyers, doctors, economists etc do enter the political system, a lot of the time are posted to jobs outside of their specialty, and that needs to be addressed.
In regards George Osborne... well, I'd like to think there's a dedicated team of civil servants that advise him on policy, but I've a distinct lack of faith in the civil service's abilities to act totally impartially in light of the fiasco over Virgin Trains. Returning to Osborne specifically, his general programme of deficit reduction and a pruned down state broadly appeals to me. The implementation has been lacking somewhat, to my dismay.

David Cameron and George Osbourne are professional politicians and are therefore not capable of running a business let alone the country. Do you agree? If not, why?

No. First of all, your question is badly constructed. You're making a pretty spurious connection between being "professional politicians" and "not capable of running a business, let alone the country" - how exactly does the former "therefore" equate to the latter? You have to have pretty sound proof, or at least a reasoned argument before you can make a sweeping statement like that.
If we're discussing the general direction the government is aiming to take, in regards deficit reduction, prudent fiscal policy and small, cost-effective government, I'm broadly in support of that.

What great quote would you like to share?

"There once was a man from Nantucket, and he had a joke that didn't go anywhere."

What's the worst movie ever?

I dunno, I've seen so many terrible, terrible films it's hard to pick out one in particular; I once had "The Sweetest Thing" inflicted upon me, and that was pretty dire by any stretch of the imagination.

What is the one thing you’d most like to change about the world?

The shape; I think a trapezoidal world would be pretty... angular.

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