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Do you prefer books or movies?

Give me a book over a film any day of the week. Except Fridays. But especially Tuesdays.

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Writing Challenge: In a world where puns are illegal, one man rises up in opposition.

Now that's just punishing.

Mwahahahah! >:-) it wouldn't be a writing challenge without actual challenge

Indeed not! I think I'll theme it around who I think set the challenge. >:-)

Writing challenge! Write an adventure story where the main character is a sentient toothbrush.

You bastard! Fine, give me 24 hours and you'll have your sentient toothbrush story... :-P

How much bigger is your left hand than your right hand? *points at profile picture*

Ha. They look about the same size to me!

And the price of that solid rig?

Oooh, I dread to think. I bought it pre-made for £800 in 2010 (I know, should've self-built), it's had a multitude of upgrades; SSD, GPU, case, monitor...
Let's just leave it at £800; real cost quite a bit higher. :-P

PC specs?

Core i5-750 @ 2.7Ghz (though likes to speed up to 3Ghz), 16Gb RAM, ATI Radeon 7850 running Windows 7. Not the newest but it's a rock solid rig that does me proud. #PCMasterRace.

I still don't get it, I tried it.. and a question is named a question silly! now I must make this a question... what do you make of cheese?

Short work. :-P

I really don't get minecraft. Explain

It's like fun with blocks. You can either take the questing/Robinson Crusoe approach or just get the equivalent of unlimited Lego. It's less a game, more a software toy.

Are you a better talker or listener?

Probably a listener, truth be told. I might not be able to vocalise thoughts back, but if people tell me stuff that's on their mind I always give them my full attention.

Would you ever try your hand at making a mod for a game if you couldn't find a suitable one already out there?

Haha, no. I can't program! Nor am I a very skilled artist. I could probably come up with some very nice concepts but wouldn't be able to develop them
I have nothing but admiration for those that create this stuff both professionally and as a hobby. Truly these people are digital magicians, conjuring stuff out of nothing.

Other than new textures for Minecraft, any other mods you would like to see? Any you have seen that you want to try?

There's mods that introduce whole new resource chains and automation systems to the game, but I don't think they're for me. I appreciate the extensibility of the game's mechanics but I like to keep them simple, personally.

Undersea tunnel?! How did you get that to work? (I've tried countless times to get undersea houses built to no avail)

I just tunnelled sufficiently below the seabed to make it like mining underground. Adding the glass roof to certain sections was harder.
What you want to do is put the glass walls/roof on first and then empty the water with sand. Having an enchanted helmet etc with the respiration charm helps things; otherwise just build an air pocket and visit it frequently.
Undersea tunnel How did you get that to work Ive tried countless times to get

Do you think with games, books and films there is too much of an American influence on them? I.e. most post-apoc and zombie game/story are set in the US. Would you like to see more set in Britain?

Yeah, I can see why that'd be a common perception. A lot of films and prominent books do place the US as the centre of the universe. However, stuff like 28 Days Later, Survivors and stuff like that does show that the UK can be a viable setting. The reason I'm such a fan of The War of the Worlds, for instance, is that I know quite a lot of the locations that fall victim to Martian attacks; the 2005 movie version turned me off majorly by jettisoning that aspect (and the allegory that goes with it) and turning it into just another action film.
I've just started "One" by Conrad Williams, a post-apoc novel which is refreshingly British in both its setting and writing style! Looking forward to cracking on with it! I definitely want to work on my own British post-apoc adventure but also have an idea for a more American-based one. Decisions!

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On subject of Minecraft, picture/description of your best creation?

I'm pretty pleased with my Minecraft castle, which has evolved significantly over time. Other stuff in my survival world: my first wooden house, and my undersea tunnel. :-D
On subject of Minecraft picturedescription of your best creation

What kind of British mods?

The game by default sticks to some more generic American architecture, so stuff like British houses, roads and other things. Generally I love the game's vanilla graphics but introducing more British stuff would make me feel more at home.
Plus, there's tons to choose from!

Do you feel the Soartex adds an extra flavour to vanilla Minecraft?

It's definitely a more attractive texture pack than the default, and changes things up. Eventually, when I'm back in a Minecraft mood I'll try combining some shaders to see if I can simulate a more cinematic look.

Do you play any games with mods installed? If so, any favourite mods to use?

I use the Soartex texture pack for Minecraft. Does that count? And I'm very interested in starting a new SimCity 4 region with a load of British mods :-D

What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen?

Not sure on "ever" but I went to Switzerland in November 2013 and took this picture of a mountain. Fair to say, the scenery of that country is breathtaking.
What is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen

What's the best concert you've ever been to?

I suppose I've only been to one live music thing, and it was pretty amazeballs. Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds live at Wembley, Dec 2012. :-D


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