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Any other writing styles you wish to try or take up other than prose? (e.g. Scriptwriting, poetry etc)

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I've written scripts before, but nothing serious. I don't really enjoy writing to the screenplay format; I find it too restrictive and concise almost, as if the building of the fictional world is taken out of my hands as the writer and the realisation palmed off to some incompetent director. I'm very protective of my imaginary constructs:-P
I'd love to give writing a radio-play a go! I've very brief plans for a comedic radio play series called "Las Cantinas" set in the bar of a space-colony on the frontiers; nothing original in that premise but I'm sure I could have some fun with it! Gonna develop it with some like-minded individuals in 2014!
Poetry... nah, I'm not a very poetic writer. Haven't you realised that already?! ;-)
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How do you get the last news?

BBC News app, Twitter and Reddit are my initial news sources, and if I see stories that interest me I research more relentlessly!

Can you name one place or culture that you would love to visit and experience?

I've given this some thought... I'd love to go to China and see both the hyper-successful parts and how they compete with (and copy) my Western cultural aspects and the more poorer, rural but arguably more culturally-authentic parts of China. Both would be a great contrast to what I'm used to and I think I'd learn a lot.
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If you did, would you approach the new cultures with an open mind? Try new things and not just think "that's stupid"?

I'd never use "stupidity" as a reason to judge a culture. I might use "unsanitary" or "unsavory" but on the whole, if I had the opportunity... yeah I'd open my mind and get some first hand knowledge. I'm a bit of a reserved person so maybe challenging my fears and prejudices would be nothing but good.

Moving away from religion, and certainly not into politic, more of a light-hearted question. Have you ever wanted to travel the world? Experience new cultures and all that jazz?

Not really. Other cultures are awesome, but as an outsider I'd feel terribly judgmental.

Do you use a lot of religious links/imagery within your writing? I tend to draw upon it for dramatic situations or to get a point across. How do you utilise it?

I think religious ideas and concepts can be used to convey powerful imagery, and characters almost invariably use the "oh my God.." linguistic trait but I don't like to go deeper than that. I usually never mention religion overtly and I don't really write overtly "religious" characters because I feel I can't flesh them out properly and they turn into raving, Flanderized lunatics, though I'd like to experiment more in the future! The ideas of sentience and omnipotence that I personally associate with religion (or aspects thereof) have definite sci-fi potential I'd love to explore though!

You say you're an atheist, but do you feel that term makes it into a "religion" itself? Like something to follow/to abide by? Would you classify your views another way maybe? How do you feel about militant atheists?

No, because being an atheist is akin to choosing "switching the TV off" when asked my favourite channel. There is no definite rules by which an atheist has to live to be called an atheist, one just to believe in no higher power. I'd say that I was an agnostic atheist but I live my life on the assertion that I cannot know that God does not exist but think it very improbable. Likewise, I could never attend so-called "atheist churches" that you may have read about in the media because that would be a gross violation of the entire point of being an atheist. Militant atheists that seek to ridicule theists or who judge a person's opinion on any subject on the basis of their religion (I've been guilty of both in the past but seek to avoid it) really forget the golden rule of atheism: don't be a d**k about it.

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