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What is your favorite animated cartoon?

The Simpsons, by a country mile. First 9 seasons are absolute gold.

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Do you like your name?

Hey, I'm stuck with it. Though imagine, I could've been, like, Engelbert Rudrovski!

What's on your summer reading list?

Quite a lot! Got some pre-release work from a couple of Twitter friends to read over, the 3rd Lincoln Rhyme book to finish (The Stone Money) plus I want to get started on some new sci-fi! :-D

How does one lose interest in the SNES (possibly IMHO one of the best consoles of all time) and the ps1 was it simply a lack of interest or a time/supersedence thing?

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I was very young. We only had a handful of SNES games; Super Mario World, Zelda Link to the Past, Doom, The Lost Vikings etc. I enjoyed stuff like Mario and Zelda but didn't know that there was a world of other games out there, so never really expanded my collection. I recall playing the SNES version of SimCity a lot; it started a love for that series that perseveres today.
The PS1 was similar; I only had a few games on it to call "my own" and it really was the family console of the late 1990s/early 2000s. I suppose it comes down to a general lack of time, though a bg factor was that these machines were relatively cheap; my folks would never splurge £400 on a console and I never had the means to buy one myself. If I recall, we bought a new family PC in 2002 instead, moving on from having great fun on my dad's work-issue machines. The rest is history, I guess... ;-)
Recently I'm seriously considering a Wii U to experience the cool continuations in the Nintendo series I left behind in the early 1990s, and also for it's appealing virtual console capabilities. Backwards compatibility is such a PC thing I tend to have a great preference for it! ;-)

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If you were on a desert island which book (you are allowed only one in this universe where only one book is physically possible to hold) would you take and more importantly how will it help you escape said island?

Robinson Crusoe. The irony would help with the pain of slowly dehydrating to death :-P

Other than Jake who is your crush ;p

I'm actually asexual so I don't suffer from "crushes", thank Christ... :-P
And is there an issue with the Twitter bromance between me and Jake?! ;-D

How many hours per week do you spend gaming on PC ?

6-8; I keep it casual. A few sessions of Civ or SimCity 4 a week keep me mostly sane ;-)

Are cats or dogs smarter?

A) Who cares B) What does my *opinion* mean anyway? Go ask a biologist, who'd be somewhat qualified to answer this asinine perusal.


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