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Would you ever try your hand at making a mod for a game if you couldn't find a suitable one already out there?

Haha, no. I can't program! Nor am I a very skilled artist. I could probably come up with some very nice concepts but wouldn't be able to develop them
I have nothing but admiration for those that create this stuff both professionally and as a hobby. Truly these people are digital magicians, conjuring stuff out of nothing.

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Undersea tunnel?! How did you get that to work? (I've tried countless times to get undersea houses built to no avail)

I just tunnelled sufficiently below the seabed to make it like mining underground. Adding the glass roof to certain sections was harder.
What you want to do is put the glass walls/roof on first and then empty the water with sand. Having an enchanted helmet etc with the respiration charm helps things; otherwise just build an air pocket and visit it frequently.

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Undersea tunnel How did you get that to work Ive tried countless times to get

Do you think with games, books and films there is too much of an American influence on them? I.e. most post-apoc and zombie game/story are set in the US. Would you like to see more set in Britain?

Yeah, I can see why that'd be a common perception. A lot of films and prominent books do place the US as the centre of the universe. However, stuff like 28 Days Later, Survivors and stuff like that does show that the UK can be a viable setting. The reason I'm such a fan of The War of the Worlds, for instance, is that I know quite a lot of the locations that fall victim to Martian attacks; the 2005 movie version turned me off majorly by jettisoning that aspect (and the allegory that goes with it) and turning it into just another action film.
I've just started "One" by Conrad Williams, a post-apoc novel which is refreshingly British in both its setting and writing style! Looking forward to cracking on with it! I definitely want to work on my own British post-apoc adventure but also have an idea for a more American-based one. Decisions!

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