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What do you think of the recent ruckus Richard Dawkins has caused? Do you agree? If not, can you see where he's coming from?

I'm gathering this is in reference to his comments that it is "immoral" to allow Downs syndrome babies to be carried full-term. I wouldn't want to speculate on making such a generic statement but it's definitely the parents choice. If a couple decide to abort a baby because it is found it has Downs, I don't disagree as the intention of not making that child go unnecessarily through a very tough life is noble, in my view. Definitely it's case-by-case; some parents may feel they're obliged to look after the baby despite the condition, some may feel they should, for want of a better word, "put it out of its misery". Those that chose the latter are not monsters.
Now, nobody shoot me. :-P

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