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How does one lose interest in the SNES (possibly IMHO one of the best consoles of all time) and the ps1 was it simply a lack of interest or a time/supersedence thing?

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I was very young. We only had a handful of SNES games; Super Mario World, Zelda Link to the Past, Doom, The Lost Vikings etc. I enjoyed stuff like Mario and Zelda but didn't know that there was a world of other games out there, so never really expanded my collection. I recall playing the SNES version of SimCity a lot; it started a love for that series that perseveres today.
The PS1 was similar; I only had a few games on it to call "my own" and it really was the family console of the late 1990s/early 2000s. I suppose it comes down to a general lack of time, though a bg factor was that these machines were relatively cheap; my folks would never splurge £400 on a console and I never had the means to buy one myself. If I recall, we bought a new family PC in 2002 instead, moving on from having great fun on my dad's work-issue machines. The rest is history, I guess... ;-)
Recently I'm seriously considering a Wii U to experience the cool continuations in the Nintendo series I left behind in the early 1990s, and also for it's appealing virtual console capabilities. Backwards compatibility is such a PC thing I tend to have a great preference for it! ;-)

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