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I see what you did there...but unfortunately due to recent events he cannot :P how about that Mars landing though?! How long do you think it'll be? You did write your own version of ;)

If Mankind can put aside it's petty squabbles here on Earth and put it's mind to it, I don't see why a Mars landing during my lifetime (or at least this century) can't happen. It's all a matter of priorities. There's a massive universe out there, so massive it's hard to imagine, with possibilities and wonders infinite. As a species, we've got to stop the infighting over petty reasons such as politics and religion and look to the stars.
That said, I think there's some cultural aspects here on Earth that should stay there, frankly.

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What book do you wish you had written?

Crikey... well, two come to mind: War of the Worlds: it's a true classic and I really dig the whole alien invasion of Southern England/steampunk feel it has going, and the Hunger Games books, in particular the first one.The futuristic dystopia setting there is realised pretty well as are the situations the characters find themselves in. It's definitely something you could picture happening in the not too distant future... I dunno, it just gels for me.

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What was the inspiration behind colonisation and do you plan on doing a sequel?

Main inspiration for me was writing a story like War of the Worlds from the point of view of a human invasion of Mars, but this didn't really get elaborated on in the final book. I'd say I was inspired by more classical sci-fi, and kept Colonisation conservative in scope, with the likes of Star Trek, Starship Troopers etc getting hints at in the book.
In terms of a sequel, I think there's room for one! I'm assuming you've read the book (currently drawing up a revised second edition) and enjoyed it to the point of thinking a sequel deserving?

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