Do you think we should wory about the environment?

After some thirty years of hearing crying wolf from people who made a good business from eco-activism it's hard to decide.
My favourite story is that in 1820 the experts predicted, that if the street traffic in London would continue to grow at then-current rate, in 1950 the streets of London would be covered by seven meter high layer of horse manure. Other experts on the beginning of 20th century predicted, that if the US telephone network would grow like it did before, by 1940 all US women would need to be employed as switchboard operators.
Neither of these expert prediction happened and not because of limiting the growth and progress. The problems were long before averted by technological advances. I believe in human intelligence, ingenuity and progress. If you want to solve environmental problems, you can't do it by slowing down, but by speeding up.

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