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Co by sis myslel, kdyby v příštích prezidentských volbách opět kandidoval Václav Klaus st.? Byl bys rád, nebo naopak?

MoniikaDominiika’s Profile PhotoMonika D.
No... jak se to vezme. VK byl dobrým prezidentem. Bohužel, jako na každém, i na něm si ta funkce vybrala svou daň a je otázka, nakolik by byl použitelný podruhé.
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What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken?

A car (not mine, I buy only cheap cars) in a traffic accident.

What's the best part in life?

Creation. The moment when I have something in my head and I'm just starting to create it. Blank page in OneNote, Illustrator or OpenSCAD. Fresh project in Visual Studio.
And then the moment when my ideas materialize. When 3D printer or laser brings my creation to real world.

Do you have a trait of character that is more common for the opposite gender? What’s this trait?

I like to cook and under certain circumstances I even like shopping.

Have you resolved to lead a healthier lifestyle in the new year?

No. I generally regard new year resolutions as stupid and especially these notoriously unsuccessful ones.

Co si myslíš o ohňostrojích? Líbí se ti, nemáš je rád/a kvůli zvířatům a hluku, nebo je ti to úplně jedno?

MoniikaDominiika’s Profile PhotoMonika D.
Je mi to dost jedno. Přijde mi to zbytečné, ale soukromníci ať si vyhazují své peníze jak chtějí a u měst jde vzhledem k jejich rozpočtu o tak malé částky, že se nevyplatí se nad tím rozčilovat.
Dan a Esta ohňostroje rádi neměli, ale vždycky si někam zalezli a těch pár minut to vydrželi, žádné velké drama. Bystré je to tak nějak jedno, stejně jako mně.

Should people be given a second chance? ?

It depends. If I know someone for a long time, they deserve second chance for one-time slip. In general, no. There's more than enough people so I can rely on first impression.

what do i do to make myself happy ? plz advise

Realize that the purpose of life is to enjoy it. Humans are the only animals who keep forgetting that.

Do you trust your friends? Do you know your friends? Do you feel better when you are around them?

The key question is trust in what sense? I'm not a trusting person in general and strive to organize my life in a way that requires minimal amount of any kind of trust in others.
About knowing your friends... again, how do you define and quantify this kind of knowledge? I don't know what to answer. I generally know what they'll freely tell me and don't care much about the rest. I think it's not good for neither me or them to pry answers from someone who won't give them on their own.
I like communicating with them. I usually don't really care about the means used, if it's in person, over the phone or IM chat.

how can I get rid of some feelings you don't want to feel??

You can't get rid of them. But you can ignore them and don't act according to them.

Common Weekday Outfit PAP Or Explain Outfit?

My fashion sense can be described as "path of least resistance". I have one model of jeans I wear, one model of underwear I wear, one model of socks I wear, one model of shoes I wear.
Basically I just change t-shirts. Almost all are black and contain some logo of project of mine or some company I work with, like Microsoft or Gopas.
For selecting t-shirts I employ sophisticated algorhitm called "LIFO" - last in, first out. I have a stack of them and every day take the first on top.
There far are more important and far more interesting things than clothing.

Do you have any acquaintances who suffer from bad luck and with whom you don't want to communicate because of this? Share some stories.

No. I don't really believe in "bad luck". Definitely not enough to ignore someone due to it. Also, suffering of acquaintances does not bother me as much, I don't really sweat about other people problems, I've got enough of my own.

What helps you to sleep better?

I don't need any help in this regard. I generally sleep well. The only exception is usually my head full of ideas I keep pondering.


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