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How many times have you stepped on Lego in your life?

I don't know. As I don't walk barefoot, steping on most things constitutes problem for those things, not for me...

What are your favorite type of questions to be asked? Questions about your life? Ones that make you think? Just opinions?

The ones that make me think and that are relevant to me.

You probably really love to travel?

Kind of. I like the travel itself. I like trains, planes, airports... They're interesting places. I like to see how they work. The same applies to cities. So I like to travel to as many cities as I can.

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How many Microsoft employees are need to replace an overheated light bulb?

At least four: one program manager, one maintenance technician, one tester and one corporate lawyer.

Do you know any big gossips?

No. People usually don't tell me these things and if they do, I propmtly forget it, because gossips are usually boring.

If you could print any phrase on a T-shirt, what would it say?

I *can* print any phrase on a T-Shirt. The last one I made says "SAVE THE HORSE, RIDE A PONYBOY".
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Why are girls with pure hearts always deceived?

Because "pure heart" is socially acceptable term for stupidity.

How are you willing to spend your summer vacation?

Isn't this question too late? But I generally don't do "summer vacations". I prefer short stays in interesting cities. Traditional one or two weeks long vacations are how I imagine hell.

What do u do when you're under pressure?

Depends on type of pressure. But generally I do what needs to be done.

Have you ever gone somewhere with two different socks on?

Not in many years. All my socks are the same, so I can take any two random ones and they'll match.

Favorite color, favorite song, favorite book, favorite band, favorite clothes?

Weren't you on my social engineering class this week?
- color: red/black, now more red/orange
- clothes: anthro horse harness or jeans and t-shirt
For the rest, there is no single favorite, there are many of them and they change a lot.

How does the Internet influence your life?

I can't answer this question. How does electricity "influence my life"? How does breathing?


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