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Is education free at universities in your country? For example in my country you need to pay for all years.

It is in state-run universities. It's why it's so terrible and close to worthless (at least in my area of expertise). And also expensive, in the long run.

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What three things in life you want more than anything else?

Freedom, freedom and freedom. That's the biggest value in my life. If I want certain specific things, I want them because they allow me to be free.
I want to be healthy, because being ill limits my freedom.
I want love, because sadness coming out of lack of love limits my freedom.
I want money, because their lack limits my freedom.

What application do you use to protect, for example, folders or photos?

There isn't any application that can protect folders or photos. There are some offering that, but they're usually scam.
On both PC and mobile, I use full disk encryption. So EVERYTHING I have is encrypted and you have to enter a password before the system even starts booting.
For especially sensitive information I use either encrypted removable drives (so the information is physically removed from the computer when not needed) or encrypted VeraCrypt containers.

Will you scold your children for getting bad grades?

No. According to my experience, only three subjects are interested in grades:
a. school who has given them,
b. dumb parents,
c. poor children brainwashed by the above.
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Would you be happy to receive a gift certificate for your birthday?

Depends on shop where the gift certificate can be applied.

Are you close friends with anybody from school?

As far as I can remember I'm not in any contact with anybody from any school I attended and I prefer it that way.
Generally, my experience with school system and schoolmates is distinctly unpleasant and I'm happy I got rid of them both.

Is it more important to love or be loved?

That question does not make sense. It's important to love someone who loves you back. one-way love is a recipe for disaster.

Who is the most famous person in your country?

Probably our prime minister, Andrej Babiš. Lots of peope adore him, lots of people hate him, but everybody knows him.

Why is everyone around me depressed? how can I make them happy?

Because you are in a bad company. You usally can't, so don't waste energy trying.
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What's your alarm ringtone?

I don't have alarm ringtone. In those exceptional sad days when I have to wake to alarm I use vibration alarm on my smartwatch.
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Do you think intelligence given more importance over beauty ?

I guess the question is if I think intelligence is more important than beauty. If so, it depends of the reason of the relationship. If it's someone for a short play, I don't really care about intelligence. If it's for some more serious relationship, I would like someone I would not be afraid to look at, but intelligence and general compatibility is more important.

Aky hash aloritmus pouzit na generovanie hashu pre subory? Nieco co vydrzi aspon 5 rokov bezpecne a idealne ak existuje command line tool na vypocet hashu a overenie hashu suboru

Chybí zcela zásadní informace: k čemu ten hash má přesně sloužit? Nicméně obecně dneska neuděláš chybu s hashem z rodiny SHA-2, tj. nejspíš SHA-256.

like the Linkin Park clip "One More Light"?

I know the name of the band, but can't remember any of their songs. So I watched the video for the first time when answering this question and I find it... remarkably unremarkable and kind of boring.
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Do you have any advice for people starting out on youtube?

No. Actually, I might need one, been thinking about starting YouTube channel in more sophisticated ways than just publishling my talks.


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