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How many hats do you own?

One. Cowboy hat I got a long time ago as a part of an costume. I hate hats or caps and never wear them.

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How many questions do you ask per day?

Zero by average. I prefer to answer them, mainly because most people I would like to ask something isn't on ask.fm.

Is it better to be single or in a couple? Why?

Relationships are like a drug. Once you taste them you can't live without them. They can bring you immense joy, but also the same amount of pain when they go wrong. Are they worth it? It's for you to decide.

What’s the first thing you notice about people?

Depends on context. Sometimes it's their mind. Other times it's their ass.
I generally don't notice people. There's so many of them, and they're changing all the time... For me to notice - and remember - them they have to do something extraordinary.

What do you do for other people to love you?

Nothing. I don't want people to love me for what I did for them, but for who I am.

Are humans truly creative, or do they gain their ideas from prior observations?

I don't see any conflict here. We all build on prior work. What's important is the desire to create (instead of just consuming).

What do you prefer - the countryside or the city?

The city. I'm well domesticated horse. Visiting countryside can be interesting, though.

Which cafes do you prefer to stay at?

I generally don't frequent cafes. I visit them only very rarely, for example when I have to wait somewhere and then I choose the nearest establishment.

What have u always wanted? Did u ever get it ?

Various things in various stages of life and generally got most of them. I have pretty good life, I think. I know that nowadays it's fashionable to be (or at least sound) kind of depressed, but that's not what I prefer.

Why does Yemen wanna block access to YouTube?

Internet is generally tightly censored in Yemen, for various reasons - nudity, provocative attire, anti-islamic content, you name it...

Když plánujete BDSM hry, dáváte si pozor, aby ve skupině byl alspoň jeden člověk jiné rasy a pokud možno i náboženství, aby jste byli politicky korektní?

Měli jsme na to speciální informační systém, ale museli jsme ho vypnout kvůli GDPR.
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Do you have someone you tell everything to?

No. There isn't anyone I would (a) trust so much, (b) hate so much.


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