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Když ses smál Malé za její diplomku, o čem byla ta tvoje a kolik jsi v ní opsal?

Za prvé, Malé jsem se nikdy nesmál. Závěrečné práce v českém vysokém školství považuji za zhruba stejně smysluplné, jako české vysoké školství samotné. Tedy prakticky vůbec.
Z vejšky jsem utekl a tudíž jsem nikdy žádnou diplomku nepsal a ani v ní neopisoval.

What is your opinion about what happened with your country in World War 2?

There is lot of things that happened, but generally: it was inevitable, as we are a bumper between east and west, between Germany and Sussia. And inevitably, such thighs will happen again, only in different implementations. They already are happening now, just as information wars, not physical one.

What secrets do you have that you hide from the world?

I can tell you, but then I'll have to kill you.
In fact, I don't have many secrets. Almost quarter of century ago I learned that there are two ways to handle a secret. First is to try to protect it. Which is hard, unsure and generally lot of work. Or you may make it public, spread it, so it will lose its value. That's easy, works like a charm and it's lot of fun. So that's the way I did it.
People often say that I have it easy, because I'm well-known and very good in things I do. But they tend to forgot two important aspects. Not even today I'm not the absolute top. Yes, I'm good, but I'm replaceable, there are alternatives. And when I started I was a regular 15-18 years old lad, similar to many others. And second, I think that if I'm somewhat known today, maybe it's also because of my "policy of truth".

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Have you ever been called ”donkey”?

No, but sometimes they mistake me with an ox.
(In Czech, "vůl" - which means an ox - is lighthearted and kind of friendly insult.)

Have you ever wanted to leave your city, house, and go somewhere else to start a new life?

My life is not defined by where I live. I moved many times, but never "to start a new life". I'm happy with my life and don't feel the need to throw it away and start again.

What motivates you?

I'm a horse. Riding crop works fairly well. And a butt plug, because I'm kinky horse :)

What are your favorite summer shoes?

Steel boots. In fact, they are my favourite winter shoes as well. Truth to be said, they're basically the only shoes I own and wear.

Have you ever been literally kicked in the butt?

Can't remember. But I was slapped over it many times :p

Did you visit Brno?

I lived there twice, for more than five years total. I prefer Prague, but in spite of all those jokes, Brno is a nice place to live. I visit it often on business and always like it.

Co říkáš na Vávru a Kingdom Del.?

Ummm, nic? Vím že Kingdom Deliverance je relativně úspěšná počítačová hra. Hry nehraju a nezajímám se o ně, vím o ní jenom to, že se nějakým SJW nelíbilo, že ve hře z českého středověku nejsou černoši.

Na čem v poslední době děláš / co se učíš? (týkajícího se IT a programování)

.NET Core, samozřejmě. To je velké téma, které mi na nějakou dobu vystačí.

If you could say something to your younger self, what would you say?

The first and most important person you have to agree with is yourself. Never go against your best judgement, you'll inevitably regret it.

What's the coolest thing you've ever seen in a museum?

Whole room of working vintage computers you can play with in the Living Computers: Museum + Labs in Seattle.

What's your dream job?

Basically, what I'm doing now, teaching people, but without having to get up early. The mornings are killing me.

Best way to prank someone? 😈

Don't prank them when they expect it, like on April Fools' day. They'll be mad that they can't find out.

Do you use planner to keep yourself or your days organised?

I use Outlook and Exchange. Judge yourself how well it works, though.

Which kind of "hubs" you prefers most? 😼 ( activity, region, or network.)

I prefer switches. Both in my network and in my bed.

Would you rather live in the mountains or on the beach?

Neither. I want to live in the city. Mountain city sounds better than a coastal one, though - they tend to be cooler.

Are you good in dancing?

Last time I had anything with dancing, it warranted a inquiry by public prosecutor. No, I'm not good in dancing and never will.


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