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How important is positivity in Life?

Electrical positivity? Exactly the same as negativity. AIDS positive? Well, I can do easily without. Mental positivity? Optimists supposedly live longer, but pessimists have more good surprises.
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what qualities do you look for in a person?

Depends on what kind of relationship I'm supposed to have with said person. The qualities are wildly different and may be anything to specific knowledge, general intelligence or just a pretty ass.

Is there a person you hate for no reason?

Hate... that's a bit strong word. But there are people I dislike from the start, for no apparent reason. I don't have any problem with it. That's what instincts are for.

Do you use planner to keep yourself or your days organised?

I use Microsoft Exchange and Outlook in futile attempts of not forgetting the most important things.

Do you prefer to talk or to listen?

Talk. I'm not really a good listener. I prefer reading anyway.


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